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Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga: Who has sold more??

Hi Gary,

With the release of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga's new singles, everyone is comparing the two artists. To add fuel to the fire, could you please update us with the Nielsen SoundScan figures for their albums and top-selling singles? And, which artist has sold more albums and singles?


Krzysztof Gorecki
Lublin, Poland

Hi Krzysztof,

The big news on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, other than Robin Thicke snagging an 11th week at No. 1 with "Blurred Lines," was obviously the 85-2 blast of Perry's "Roar" and the No. 6 bow for Lady Gaga's "Applause."

As a sort-of Hot 100 afterparty, how do Perry and Gaga fare in comparison to each other when it comes to their career album and digital song sales? Given that both artists first charted on the Hot 100 in 2008, it's a pretty even playing field (one which we're apparently about to help set more fire to …)

Here are each star's best-selling digital songs and their U.S. album sales through the week ending Aug. 18, according to Nielsen SoundScan:

Katy Perry: Digital Songs
6,341,000, "Firework"
5,606,000, "E.T." (feat. Kanye West)
5,542,000, "California Gurls" (feat. Snoop Dogg)
5,414,000, "Hot N Cold"
4,573,000, "Teenage Dream"
4,444,000, "I Kissed a Girl"

3,470,000, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"
3,074,000, "Wide Awake"
2,662,000, "Part of Me"
2,617,000, "The One That Got Away"
2,211,000, "Waking Up in Vegas"
1,079,000, "Thinking of You"
643,000, "Peacock"

Lady Gaga: Digital Songs
6,987,000, "Poker Face"
6,809,000, "Just Dance" (feat. Colby O'Donis)
5,401,000, "Bad Romance"
3,918,000, "Born This Way"
3,388,000, "Paparazzi"
3,268,000, "Telephone" (feat. Beyonce)
2,792,000, "The Edge of Glory"
2,558,000, "LoveGame"
2,473,000, "Alejandro"
2,181,000, "You and I"
942,000, "Judas"
781,000, "Starstruck"

Katy Perry: Albums
2,749,000, "Teenage Dream" (2010)
1,529,000, "One of the Boys" (2008)
55,000, "MTV Unplugged" (EP) (2009)

Lady Gaga: Albums
4,525,000, "The Fame" (2008)
2,298,000, "Born This Way" (2011)

1,566,000, "The Fame Monster" (EP) (2009)
57,000, "Born This Way: The Remix" (2011)
302,000, "The Remix" (2010)
40,000, "A Very Gaga Holiday" (EP) (2011)

The totals?

First, digital song sales:
Katy Perry: 49,897,000
Lady Gaga: 46,322,000

And, album sales:
Lady Gaga: 8,817,000
Katy Perry: 4,333,000

So … Perry narrowly leads in digital song sales, while Gaga boasts a more than two-to-one lead in album sales, reflecting the latter's clearer status as an album act.

In all, victories for both Little Monsters and Katycats! ... Plenty more discussion is a lock as "Roar" and "Applause" grow, leading up to the releases of Perry's album "Prism" (Oct. 22) and Gaga's "ARTPOP" (Nov. 11).

(Special thanks to Nielsen SoundScan's Nancy Wagner and Anna Loynes)

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