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Interviews: Tamar Braxton On ‘Watch What Happens Live’ & More

The Singer Dishes On: Not Wanting More Kids, Her Post-Baby Diet, Her Daytime Show "The Real", Lady Gaga, And What To Expect On Season 2  of “Tamar And Vince”


Tamar Braxton said her baby Logan Vincent Herbert will most likely be an only child. Tamar is crazy about her son, but she doesn’t intend to be having anymore babies. She made the announcement while chatting with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live,” when a fan asked whether her mom or any of her sisters will be on this season of “Tamar & Vince.”


You can hardly tell Tamar Braxton just had a baby two months ago (instagram @tamarbraxtonher)

Watch What Happens Live


The Real Talk Show host stopped by Watch What Happens Live to chat it up with the infamous gossip extraordinaire of Bravo TV Andy. During the interview, she dished on being pregnant, how she was a hot mess the entire time and that she’ll never do that again.

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Madame Noire: Tamar Explains Why Vince Hasn’t Been Getting Any And She Doesn’t Want More Kids In #AskTamar


When you hold an #AskTamar social media session, things can go really left really quickly. Tamar Braxton is never one to hold her tongue, and lucky for us, our readers (and the Tamartians) aren’t either, which is why we received a bunch of great questions for our segment.

Last Thursday, we met up with Tamar at Epic records and we hit her with the things you all told us you wanted to know on Facebook and Twitter, like is “The Real” coming back, why is she always hating on the DMV, what’s the secret to keeping the loving going strong after having a baby, and whether she and Vince want more kids (hey Logan!). Tamar also gave us the 411 on the holdup with “Hot Sugar” — Are y’all waiting on that single as much as we are?? — and how she’s feeling about her post-baby body. From our point of view hontey is snatched, but we’ll let you hear how Tamar feels in her own words. Check out our #AskTamar interview with the “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar & Vince” star below. What do you think?

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Tamar At The Latex Ball (August 2013)

What isn’t
Tamar Braxton up to these days??? Right now from the looks of it, she’s the hardest working woman in the industry.

Only after three weeks of giving birth to her son, Logan Vincent Herbert, she was headed right back to work. Now her daytime talk show The Real coming to an end, she’s gearing up for a tour with John Legend, her album Love and War dropping on September 3 and the second season ofTamar and Vince September 5. So what can we expect from Tamar and Vince season 2? Tamar to be “team too much” of course.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show caught up with Tamar and here’s what she had to say about what to expect on Tamar and Vince season 2 :

On how she snapped back so soon after giving birth:

I’m on a morsel diet and food and I broke up because the whole time I was pregnant I indulged in whatever I wanted.

On her daytime talk show The Real:

I don’t think it’s anything new it’s just the first time with everyone giving their honest opinion.

On her upcoming tour with John Legend:

I’m going on tour with John Legend and I’m such a fan it’s an honor.

On what to expect from season 2 of Tamar & Vince:

Get to see my journey through motherhood and it wasn’t easy. I was trying to figure out like how did I get pregnant right before this album came out because that was not the plan. I was working on my album while I was pregnant and I’m on the road. You’ll just see a different side of me.

On wearing diamonds during birth:

I had preeclampsia so I had to I had to schedule my birth. So I knew when I was going to have him.We went in the night before and  My glam squad came in and glammed me until I left.

Click to watch the video

The Tamar & Vince season 2 will premiere on WE TV on September 5. Will you be watching?


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