Liam Payne defends new girlfriend from 1D fans: "If you ain't got shit nice to say then fuck you"


We all knew that Liam Payne getting a new girlfriend would not go down well with some One Direction fans.

And after Liam took Sophia Smith – who he’s known since his school days in Wolverhampton – to last night’s This Is Us premiere some fans have expressed just how unhappy they about Liam’s new lady friend, taking to Twitter to vent their fury.

Well, Liam has hit back via his Twitter page, and boy is he ever angry! He’s sworn and everything.

“Always sad to get on here to read horrible stuff about someone you care about,” he told fans.

“There is that old saying tho if you ain't got s**t nice to say then f**k you,” he added.

There really is no mistaking how Liam feels about the Twitter hate, is there? He is not a happy bunny.

It’s not the first time Liam’s lost his temper with the fans over Twitter. At the end of June he went off on one after fans were calling his hotel room and disturbing his beauty sleep.

“Whoever is ringing our rooms please stop it's not funny ur just p***ing everyone off. Next time it's ur day off school nd u fancy a ly in il call u n see how u like it?”

We’re pretty sure every 1D fan would love a phone call from Liam at any time of the day or night. But after that little rant, Liam issued an apology.

Now that he’s said a great big ‘eff you to jealous fans we wonder if another apology is in the works?