2 New Katy Perry Song Titles Unlocked

Every day we're seriously blown away by Katy Perry's fans. And we don't blame Katy for having such an insane following -- who doesn't love her new lady-power single, "Roar," and who isn't DYING to know more about her upcoming PRISM album (out Oct. 22)? Or, for that matter, her 2013 MTV VMA performance?

Well, Katy Cats, today your Stan level has officially out-Stanned even the greatest Stans, because somehow you managed to unlock TWO PRISM song titles ("Dark Horse" and "Walking On Air") by tweeting the hashtag #KatyNOW! So, 1) nice job! And 2) we're totally shocked!

Anyway, now it's on to phase two: Thanks to Pepsi and MTV, all Katy Cats will have the chance to unlock song lyrics from "Dark Horse" and "Walking On Air." Just keep tweeting #KatyNOW! (Check out pepsi.mtv.com for more details.)

And here's more good news: Once you unlock Katy's song lyrics, you'll have the chance to unlock song SAMPLES. *ROARS*

So, what have we learned today? Keep tweeting #KatyNOW, and don't forget to watch Katy perform "Roar" LIVE at the 2013 MTV VMAs, airing Sunday, Aug. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.