The Norman Reedus girlfriend mystery: The case of the missing Instagram photo

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Is Norman Reedus dating underwear and bikini model Cecilia Singley? There is no official confirmation coming from either person, but there are pictures – including the ‘smoking gun’ photo that has mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

According to many witnesses, including members of Facebook’s Norman Reedus Fans Unite and participants on the Spoil the Dead Forum, around April 24th Cecilia Singley posted a telling photo of herself on her Instagram account that, based on evidence in the photo, confirms that she is Reedus' girlfriend. Singley titled the picture “A Lifetime of Lions”, in which she is making a lion face while posing underneath a picture of a lion and looking over a black cat’s head. Fans have pieced together clues from the photo, and have alleged that the cat is Reedus’ pet *Eyes in the Dark, that Singley is laying on Norman’s bed in his penthouse bedroom, the lion photo is from Reedus's bedroom, and that she appears to not be wearing clothes on the lower half of her body.

An internet search in August for this photograph reveals dozens of ‘dead’ Instagram links. The photo is no longer on Singley’s Instagram account. The picture still exists in a few social media sites such as an April 24th posting from Norman Reedus Fans Unite, but oddly the photo can no longer be copied, saved, or in any way uploaded. It can, however, still be shared on Facebook.

View the photo on this Facebook link to view one of the only existing copies of this mysterious picture.

(this is the photo in case it gets deleted)
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Reedus and Singley have been spotted and photographed together several times over the past few months. Could they be a couple?
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Why would the photograph have disappeared off of internet search engines and social media links after Singley herself posted it?

*Eye in the Dark