Lady Gaga's 'Applause' Glove-kini Coming To A Drag Club Near You?

Drag king Landon Cider tells MTV News that lots of performers will be recreating Gaga's look this weekend before Sunday's VMAs.

Lady Gaga has given her fans two for the price of one. Within days, she released both the lo-fi lyric video for "Applause" and its trippy, surreal, over-the-top official video.

The "Applause" music video was released on Monday, the same day she confirmed her opening performance slot at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, August 25. Kristine Carr, who plays the Peter Pan drag king, Landon Cider, in the "Applause" lyric video gave MTV News her take on the over-the-top official "Applause" video.

"I thought it was amazing. It's everything that she kind of always stands for. It's fashion. It's pop. It's culture. It's theater. She really is staying true to herself and her style. [It's] very unique, very artistically designed and [has] storytelling, lots of characters, lots of looks," she said. "You see a sincerity behind her too. I really enjoyed it."

So, how does the Inez & Vinoodh-directed clip compare to the lyric video? "She's really showcasing entertainers. She's showing many diverse styles of entertainers and how we're all doing it for the applause," Carr said.

Carr then recalled her experience of meeting Gaga in L.A. earlier this month when she filmed the lyric video at Mickey's nightclub. "She was really humble. When she joined me on stage for a little bit, she whispered that she loved me. She was sincerely enjoying the performance, interacting with all of us being really involved but as a professional knowing how to stay away," she said. "She was really nice and kind of quiet but had those occasional one-liner jokes."

Carr notes that she thinks there might be a lot of Mother Monster lookalikes hitting the scene this weekend. "I can see all the drag queens going to Home Depot with a list of things and black gardening gloves are at the top of that list for that costume right there," she said, in reference to what co-director Inez van Lamsweerde called a "glove-kini." "I see every costume being created. I see that really iconic [clown] makeup that she's creating for the whole album, that avant garde look. I see that going to be hitting every drag stage everywhere. I think every look from that video; you're going to see drag queens across the country and across the world really [try those out]."

"Applause" is the lead single off Gaga's November 11 ARTPOP release. Fans can watch the video on repeat until she takes the stage on Sunday at the VMAs to perform the song live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Katy Perry, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake and more will also perform during the show.

Carr has one request for Gaga before Sunday's VMA performance. "I would like to see Peter Pan make an appearance on stage with her. That's probably on the top of my list of things I'm hoping to see," she joked, before recalling her favorite Gaga-themed VMA moments.

"The bleeding on stage [in 2009]. I think, theatrically, was my favorite. What a powerful message in that. 'Paparazzi' and the whole bleeding on stage was important visually," she said. "But as a drag king my heart goes out to that [2010 Jo Calderone] performance. It opened a lot of eyes to the world that it's OK for a woman to dress as a man and perform like that. He was committed to that character and I thought that was evolutionary."


She's also begging fans on twitter to cheat Vevo by watching the music video multiple times.

She retweeted this fan that posted a link to a site where it autoplays the Applause music video 50 times. Fans can open numerous tabs of this link and contribute hundreds of plays at a time.