Jennifer López gets her boyfriend a nice gig!

Talk about playing hard ball! Jennifer Lopez refused to sign her multi-million dollar contract with American Idol until TV execs agreed to give boyfriend Casper Smart a job on the show.

The superstar singer managed to convince show bosses to hand Casper, 25, a $150,000 role as production assistant on the next season.

"Jen had pushed for it in the past but didn't get anywhere because her contract was already signed and hashed out," says a source. "This time around, Jen demanded a post for Casper, with the possibility for bonuses when he choreographs.”

So, what does Casper’s new role entail? “He’ll basically be a glorified assistant to Lopez,” says the source. Oh.

It’s not the first time J-Lo has mixed business with pleasure. She previously fronted a Latino TV show with ex Marc Anthony and even starred in a film with Ben Affleck during their romance.

Soon after kicking off their romance in 2012, Jen popped Casper on her payroll, paying him for his choreographer skills.

The source added, “She pushed her weight around and talked him up by saying he was so successful as choreographer on her tour."

Well, at least he’ll know exactly what temperature you want your water J-Lo!