Author John Green will make a cameo in 'The Fault In Our Stars' movie.

The Fault in Our Stars
author John Green says he has accepted an invitation to make a cameo in the highly-anticipated book-to-film adaptation.

Speaking to his hometown paper The Indianapolis Star, Green gave a short but sweet “yes” response when asked if he would appear in the movie. He added that the film’s producers and director Josh Boone reached out to the author to make the cameo.

Green didn’t say at which point he’ll make an appearance in the storyline, and we don’t know if he will only be in the background or if he’ll have a speaking line. Either way, readers will be thrilled to see him show up in his story.

Elsewhere in the interview Green said it was “frustrating” that the book’s setting of Indianapolis couldn’t be used for filming. They will instead shoot in Pittsburgh where film tax credits are offered.

He also praised actress Shailene Woodley, who will play Hazel Grace. “You’re not allowed to be weird in Hollywood, because it’s bad for your career to be weird,” the author said. “And so, I feel like every image we get of every actor and actress is so sort of vanilla-fied. Even really lovely people whose personalities come out at times, it’s really difficult to sense them as people.

“Shailene is the exact opposite. She is unabashedly herself and weird and passionate,” he said.