Sexiest Superheroes: Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Andrew Garfield in the Top 7

Superheroes do not only have the whole "Super" powers things with them, they are also gifted with the looks and the "Super" rock hard body to go with it.

Among the Superhero movies that have been released and TV series that sported these fast acting, hot and good looking men, there are the top 7 fan favorites.

Included in the list of the sexiest men, which have played superhero roles, is of course Henry Cavill. The sexy English actor is known for his rocking 6 pack and great blue eyes, did we mention rocking 6 pack?

You have Hugh Jackman for the role of "Wolverine", who at his age is still in a very, very good shape. Christian Bale, the "Dark Knight" actor had to keep up the rigorous workouts for his role as "Batman".

Chris Hemsworth who will be coming back as "Thor", also has a body of a Superhero. Those abs and rocking long hair makes it hard for women to choose among who would make it to the top of the list of "the sexiest men who played superhero roles"

Andrew Garfield also makes it to the list, though not as buff as the other stars he still has those muscular curves that women love.

Don't forget the fan favorites, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans, Both stars are seen on screen in the movies "The Avengers" that will be having a sequel.

These men are the hottest and the sexiest of them all and they are the best at the superhero roles they have played.

Check them out.

Technically not a list since every name is already mentioned in the article. Needs a supervillain list for Tom Hiddleston to be #1 tbh.