10 Horror Movies That Revolutionized The Genre

In this post-modern era of horror, we have all types of horror films to choose from. Whether from an original Slasher film to a paranormal cinematic feature; it’s so hard to know where and what movies started it. So instead of thinking of watching a horror remake, sequel, prequel or reboot, here we land a list of horrors that changed the genre to what we see today or will never see one like it again.

Here are 10 great horror films that changed the genre.

6. Nightmare on Elm Street

Plot:Events of kids being murdered in their sleep, recalling seeing a half burned man with knives for fingers in their dreams. Nancy, a teenager experiencing the same symptoms decides to face against him.

How it changed horror: The complete original of many sequels and prequels that started a legend. It started a trend, the first horror film to feature the discussion of a well known human conscious: dreaming, fantasy and reality. Also starring a little known role of a now well known actor Johnny Depp; this film began the ever lasting trend of the slasher, Freddie Krueger.

5. Rosemary’s Baby

Plot: A pregnant woman who fears she’s bearing the child of the devil himself. As she ventures on, she discovers the father is sacrificing the baby for a barbaric ritual.

How it changed horror: Roman Polanski enters horror with a satanic turn as Mia Farrow displays the vulnerable woman. It changed horror by it’s alluring yet cringing scenes, dialogue and character depth. Today it is known as one of the most recognizable landmark horror films in the genre.

4. Alien

Plot: A commercial towing spaceship crew are awakened on their way home by the ship’s computer of a nearby unknown planetoid. As they venture out to see what it is, they’re in for the trip of their lives.

How it changed horror: Ridley Scott introduces one of the most scariest films in history and one of the most kickass female characters today. Sigourney Weaver enters her first time movie role with one of the most finest horror performances today that blasted her career. This film makes every viewer jump, shake and shiver with all the shocking horror this monumental cinematic feature displays.

3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Plot: A group of friends who fall innocent tortured victims to a cannibalistic family.

How it changed horror: Tobe Hooper swoops in slasher/murderer genre to what it is considered one of the greatest horrors of all cinema history. Here started another unleashed legend of sequels, remakes, a prequel, comic books and even videogames. It’s credited for the slasher elements of power tools for murder and the now famous “skin mask “. Tobe Hooper reinvented slasher horror with one of the most distinguishable characters of all time.

2. Halloween

Plot: In 1963 in a small town, 6 year old Michael Myers murders his elder sister. 15 years later, he escapes a psychiatric facility and returns home on the run for blood.

How it changed horror: Today in the box office, it became one of the most profitable independent films. John Carpenter has influenced a significant slasher legend of imitators, sequels and reboots. But it’s little graphic violence and gore showed itself as a cultural and historical significance. Critics notify this film from it’s sadism, misogyny, empathy to the villain, immorality from youth in 1970s America, drugs and survival. This does not use murder weapons, cannibalism or dreams; just an original monumental slasher.

1. Psycho

Plot: A secretary named Marion (Janet Leigh) who ends up finding herself in a secluded motel after stealing money from a colleague; and finds herself in the hands of the motel’s owner/manager Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).The aftermath changes both lives forever.

How it changed horror: Before Psycho, in horror it was just book adaptations like Dracula and Frankenstein. Nobody would dare to pass that limited genre, until the great Alfred Hitchcock changed horror and film forever. After his 1980 death, there was 3 sequels, a remake, a TV spin-off and a TV series. But this film INVENTED slasher horror. He made one of the greatest films in history, blasting Anthony Perkins to stardom and typecast. This film is historically monumental, original, shocking and the mother/father to all horrors I have presented you today and more.

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