ONTD Original: The Worst Celebrity Shoe Offenses

If there's something ONTD is known for, is for its exquisite taste in footwear (and love for food porn). Let us pray for those souls in need for enough common sense to pick at least a pair of decent looking chanclas for those Starbucks runs.

Let's start from the bottom of the Basic Barrel:

Adrienne Bailon

"But Judgemental...", you say, "Those are just black pumps! They never go out of style!"


Elle Fanning

Look sis, we know you didn't wear these because you hate your sister for making you attend the premiere of that Twilight movie she was in, chances are you actually liked them. It's not like that was the first time committed shoe crime...

Julianne Moore

Honey just... no.

Megan Fox

Baby, I can give you my employee discount card for some flip flops at Old Navy <3

Britney Spears

But we already knew this... Just go through her tag and all you will see is ugly shoes everywhere.

Lady Gaga

idgi how can she walk on those---


Miley Cyrus

The ONLY thing Miley has ever been constant with in her entire life is with her love of ugly ass shoes.

And I could just go on and on forever...

Olsen Twins

Because high fashion and stuff.

Brad Pitt

Did he just walk out with his house slippers idgi

Mischa Barton

Another offender with multiple charges. Just be glad I cared enough to include you on this list.

Willow Smith

But she's like 10 and qt, so it's okay.

Courtney Stodden***

u need to stop imo, you will never be queen Shauna <3

Henry Cavill

The best thing about being Henry Cavill is that no one is going to notice your shitty taste in shoes because of that perfectly hand crafted face by the Gods you have right there. You know I still love you, right?

And the OBVIOUS winner is (this wasn't even a contest)...


Wait for it...

Get ready...

Almost there...


Sources: Me + google + my imgur account.

What are the WORST shoes you've ever seen, ONTD? Who did I miss?
And yeah, I tried to include men but it's hard when most of them almost wear the same thing but I'm sure you guys will know some.

**added, oop @ me for forgetting her