Teen Wolf Midseason Finale Recap

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 12 just finished airing! Come read our recap and discuss the mid-season finale, “Lunar Ellipse,” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 12 “Lunar Ellipse” begins with Scott, Stiles, and Allison coming out from under water. But there’s only one problem – they’re not in Deaton’s office anymore.

They end up in a stark white room, and soon enough the three of them spot the Nemeton and walk over to it. Scott lifts up his sleeve to expose his tattoo, noticing that it looks similar to the rings on the stump. He reaches forward and touches the tree, which then triggers a season 1 flashback for all three of them.

In Scott’s flashback, we see a scene from the pilot episode when Scott was lost in the woods, looking for his inhaler, and found the second half of Laura’s body. After we see him attacked by the Alpha, season 3 Scott, who was watching from a distance, backs up — right into the Nemeton.

In Stiles’ flashback, we see him being caught by his father during the same time Scott was hiding in the forest. As he’s being dragged away, season 3 Stiles also back up into the Nemeton.

Allison and her mother are driving in the rain down the road when they almost hit Scott. It turns out it was them in that red SUV! Allison runs out into the woods looking for the boy, but doesn’t find him, only his inhaler. When Mrs. Argent tosses the inhaler back into the woods, we see season 3 Allison looking at the scene, also standing near the Nemeton.

In the next scene, the three surrogate sacrifices come out of the water and right back into Deaton’s office. They begin describing to Lydia, Deaton, and Isaac where the Nemeton is, but the looks on their friends’ faces stop them dead in their tracks. Not everything went exactly right with the sacrifices.

It turns out that the trio had been out — whether that meant dead or just unconscious, we’re not sure — for 16 hours. And the full moon will rise in just four.

Switching over to Derek’s loft, Cora gives her brother some water since he’s still healing from saving her. Peter yet again reminds him that Derek is now a Beta and not as strong as he once was. This is unfortunate, as Kali will be on her way to make good on her promise to kill Derek if he doesn’t kill his entire pack by the full moon.

Scott still plans on meeting up with Deucalion because he doesn’t think he can beat Jennifer without him. Everyone but Deaton thinks it’s a bad idea. Their conversation is interrupted by Ethan, who comes to ask Lydia for help.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 12 Lunar Ellipse Ethan Lydia

Lydia and Ethan go over to Derek’s loft, and Peter is not quiet about his thoughts on what Derek should do: Run. Derek doesn’t feel too great about that idea, but Cora tells him he should only be willing to fight to the death for something that matters. Peter asks Lydia what she feels, and she says she feels like she’s standing in a graveyard.

Allison, Scott, and Isaac go back to Allison’s apartment to get something of her father’s that Scott can use to track him. However, their plan is interrupted by Mr. McCall, who is already waiting for them inside. Mr. McCall threatens to keep them in the room until they tell him something.

Kali and Aiden show up at Derek’s, but Derek and Cora are already gone. Lydia gets sassy with Kali, who threatens her, but Aiden becomes defensive. Kali accuses him of taking his assignment too seriously.

Just then Jennifer shows up and battles Kali and the twins. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Jennifer is too much for them, and she kills both Kali and the twins. Meanwhile, Allison pulls a smoke grenade on the FBI agents, and Stiles gets into a car accident on his way back from his house.

Jennifer tells Lydia to scream, and she does, which causes Derek to turn back. In the forest, Scott, Allison, and Isaac meet up with Deucalion. Scott leaves with Deucalion, and Isaac and Allison go after Stiles, since they haven’t heard anything from him in awhile.

Derek and Cora come back to help Lydia, and Jennifer is waiting there for him. She wants him to help her defeat Deucalion, and offers a switch: Him for the Guardians. She knows she only has a 15 minute window for the lunar eclipse, and it’s obvious that Derek is seriously considering doing it.

Back in the forest, Isaac picks up the sound of the emitter from Chris Argent and follow it to the root cellar. They get down there to untie them, but the whole cellar is collapsing around the tree.

The twins split apart in Derek’s apartment, and Lydia and Cora realize they’re still alive. Deaton tries to save them. Meanwhile, Scott sends Jennifer a message about where he is and that he knows what she really wants – revenge. He tells her where to meet them.

Jennifer and Derek show up to meet Deucalion and Scott face-to-face. Scott looks confused, but Derek explains that he is actually trying to help him. Deucalion changes into the Demon Wolf and we finally see why Jennifer has been so afraid of him. Derek tries to attack him, but is quickly tossed to the side.

Deucalion wants Scott to kill Jennifer, but Scott refuses, saying that his pack will save the parents. Deucalion tries to force Scott’s hand, but Scott pulls a fast one on him. He pulls out the light grenades and blinds Deucalion, which distracts them just long enough for the lunar eclipse to begin.

Stiles saves the day, with a baseball bat no less, and keeps the whole cellar from collapsing on them.
Now that the lunar eclipse is in effect, no werewolves have their powers, and Jennifer returns as the Darach. She attacks Deucalion, but Derek stops her by telling her that Deuc has no idea what she looks like. She heals his eyesight so he can look at her, but it drains her power and she becomes weak.

Derek refuses to kill Deucalion when Jennifer can’t, and Jennifer attacks Derek instead, obviously hurt. The lunar eclipse ends, and the werewolves get their powers back. Jennifer runs and throws out a circle of mountain ash. But that doesn’t deter Scott. He pushes through the barrier, his eyes becoming red.

Scott is now an Alpha.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Scott Alpha Red Eyes

Scott doesn’t want to kill Jennifer, but threatens that if she doesn’t stop the storm, he will do it. Deucalion takes the matter out of Scott’s hands, though, and kills her himself. Derek and Scott let Deucalion go, hoping that he can become a man of vision once more.

Allison asks her dad if he’s putting all of their weapons back in storage. He answers yes, but Allison has a different plan. Instead, she thinks they should have a new code now that more supernatural creatures are going to start showing up in Beacon Hills: “We protect those that cannot protect themselves.”

Scott begins a voice over, and we see a bit of a montage. Derek and Cora leave, Scott’s father decides to hang around but Scott slams his bedroom door in his face, and we see Lydia with Aiden, Danny with Ethan, Isaac with Allison, and Stiles with Scott.

Scott says in the voice over, which is explaining the darkness that’s in his heart to Deaton, “When I feel it, I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.” “So what do you instead?” Deaton asks. “I look for my friends,” Scott replies.

In the final scene, we see Jennifer crawling to the tree, hoping it’ll help her once again. But just before she can touch its center, someone stops her. Jennifer doesn’t seem surprised at all, and just as we don’t think we can take the suspense anymore, the camera pans up and onto Peter’s face.

And finally, after wondering for so long, we know what Peter is up to — he wants to steal Scott’s Alpha powers. But, not exactly showing his sane side here, he also says, “I am the Alpha. I’ve always been the Alpha.”

And therein lies the end of the first half of Teen Wolf season 3.

Stuff I liked:
+ Inception opening w/cameo by Mama Argent.
+ Jenrack mopping the floor w/the Alphas.
+ Scott going into Super Saiyan mode as he crossed the mountain ash.
+ qt family/friendship moments.

Stuff I didn't like: Jeff being so predictable when it comes to certain characters and storylines.

Overall grading this season with a C-. 3A has been a topsy-turvy mess with a few good episodes/parts spliced in-between the mediocre and bad. Also pissed abt the deleted scenes since they could have helped to fill in the gaps of this season but NOOO we needed to see more of Derek getting his ass kicked by Kali again and neverending slow-mo.