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This Is NOT Another GodGa Post. This Is A Snowpiercer / Le Transperceneige / 설국열차 Picture Megapost!

OP: We're almost at the closing end of August, and we are still no closer to finding out when "Snowpiercer" will arrive in our theaters. Plus, there is still that looming threat of The Weinstein Company rearing their ugly head with the film editing controversy that surfaced roughly two weeks ago. Despite these setbacks, director Bong Joon-Ho's visionary work has seen several bright spots of positivity. The Korean auteur's first English-language international effort has broken box office records in his home country, both fans and film critics lucky enough to see the film being screened in Korea were all abuzz with the movie, and perhaps the best news of all--the sci-fi extravaganza has been given the full blessing and effusive praise from the original French authors of the source material when they visited Korea for an international comic convention and were given a special screening of their work come to life on the big screen.

With a stellar ensemble cast of actors from across three continents, "Snowpiercer" is certainly one of the most highly anticipated film releases ready to enthrall the rest of the world outside of Korea. So while we continue to patiently (or impatiently) wait for "Snowpiercer" to satisfy our moviegoing needs, here's a lovely megapost to tide you over until official word comes out from The Weinstein Company with regards to a confirmed release date in all major film territories, as well as whether director Bong will conform to the demands of Harvey Weinstein to trim down twenty minutes of footage in order for the film to be more "understandable" for audiences in Middle America.

But I digress... Enjoy these slew of photos featuring the cast and crew of "Snowpiercer", as well as brand new film stills from the movie plus exclusive concept art that gives insight to the creative process in making the world of "Snowpiercer" come to life. And a special bonus goes out to some select European contingents of ONTD with regards to "Snowpiercer" at the very end, so click the cut under the preview images to discover more details!


Kween Tilda Swinton Wears Menswear Better Than Her Male "Snowpiercer" Collaborators for Cine21 Magazine in Korea


Chris Evans for Cine21 Magazine Pre-Shoot Photos


Tilda Swinton for Cine21 Magazine Pre-Shoot Photos


Wilford, the train's mysterious creator, is bathed in shadow while sitting in the Engine Section of the Snowpiercer

Exclusive "Snowpiercer" Concept Art

Wilford, and other mysterious half-clothed figures, standing in front of the Snowpiercer's "sacred perpetual motion engine"

Passengers of the Snowpiercer's Tail Section sleeping in cramped, makeshift bed spaces

Rough pencil sketch of the Snowpiercer's crowded and messy sleeping quarters in the Tail Section

Wilford sitting in the Engine Section of the Snowpiercer, which also serves as his personal living quarters


Brand New "Snowpiercer" Film Stills


Confirmed "Snowpiercer" Release Dates in Europe... So Far

Denmark - 29 August 2013

France - 30 October 2013

Greece - 31 October 2013

Sweden - 14 February 2014

(OP: V-Day date night movie perhaps, ONTD Swedes?)

BONUS! New 40-Second French Teaser Trailer for "Le Transperceneige"/"Snowpiercer" (with French subtitles and new scenes)


OP: Hey Mods, custom title card image, introductory text with supporting external links, and photo captions of the concept art section are all done by me, just to clarify. Everything else is from their respective sources. Also, it's my birthday today, so I hope you guys will approve this as a birthday present to me. Bless you all! :) <3

Additional photos can be found ( HERE ) and ( HERE ),
plus release date information was found ( HERE ).


Today is my birthday, ONTD! :) 26 years old and still thankful to be happy, alive, and well...

Thank you for your time, y'all! Hope everyone's having a great start to the week so far! <3

P.S. To sursumcorda, superdogbiter, curdlesnoot, war_machine_rox, lestat, somnus_angel, and blacktinbox... this post's for you guys! Here's to y'all believing in Slaypiercer! Bless! :D
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