Miley Cyrus Explains 'White Trash And Chanel'

We don't know about you guys, but the closer we get to the 2013 Video Music Awards, the more pumped we are for all-things Miley Cyrus. So far, we've peeped her killer subway dance party VMA promo spot and found out that we'll get to watch her perform live (!!!) straight from the Barclays Center on August 25. If that wasn't ENOUGH awesomeness, we also caught up with Miley during her VMA shoot to get all the deets on her outfit, those 'dorbs onesies she can't stop wearing, and, of course, her (many!) grills. Her stylist, Simone Harouche, already dished on her "We Can't Stop"-inspired crop top and shunderwear ensemble, but we wanted to hear about the outfit straight from the source. She said, "You can just mix white trash and Chanel, that's me. That's my ultimate look. Pretty much everything is weird bondage stores except obviously my jewelry--gotta keep it classy with Chanel. I wear a lot of jewelry during the day, so I pretty much just come with my own jewelry, and give me some underwear to wear with it, and I call it a day."

When it comes to her grills, Miley said she has three with her at all times. "One Lil Jon style, one more Beyonce style cause she has one with vampire teeth. Mine kind of have vampire teeth, but they have a space so it's my classy, dainty one. And then I have the plain gold when I'm trying to be chill, and I don't want to be too in your face."

We already know that her onesie game is SUPER on point, but she said that Tigger is her go-to steez. "I have a hippo, which my boyfriend thinks is really sexy. So when I come downstairs it's Hungry Hungry Hippo, and I just go and smash everything and eat everything in sight." Um, that's amazing. To watch the full interview, go here!

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