Paris is a brat? No Way!!!

During a toast for Deborah Harry in the LifeTime Achievement Award for rock and roll artist, Paris Hilton was invited, sitting at the honoree's table in the front. Reportedly, as Paris arrived to the event, she asked "Is this Debbie Hargy's party or something?" (Nice Paris, you dont even know the name of the person who invited you?!?)

Paris look extremely bored at the event. As Harry was reading off her speech to the audience, Paris's phone rang, and she gladly picked it upParis Hilton and started jabbering away to Nicky, who was on the other line. Singer Siouxsie Sioux, immediately yelled at Paris, in quote:

"Turn off that f*cking self-phone, you spoiled rotten little brat! This is not about you!!!! Who invited this stupid cow anyways?!?"

Paris blushed and quickly ran out of there, meeting up with Nicky in Hollywood, in tears.

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