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Katy Perry and Gaga's MTV VMA performance will make or break their new singles

By now the whole world knows about the current rivarly between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga caused by the coincidental in time release of their new singles "Roar" and "Applause", respectively. This ugly clash wouldn't have happened if 'hackers' wouldn't have leaked both songs just two days apart, Saturday, August 10th for "Roar", and Monday, August 12th for "Applause", making both songs to compete on radio and iTunes release (both out on August 12th) in the US. However, it's true too both songs would have had become major, chart-topping solitary hits if Katy and Gaga's labels, Capitol and Interscope, would have set a far longer release time gap between both singles, but whatever. They wanted confrontation!

Katy's "Roar" got the lead in both radio and iTunes charts since it was the first song to be heard in its entiery by fans. It's true too Katy's new Dr Luke-produced single is more radio-friendly, and 'easier pop' than Lady Gaga's experimental-ish "Applause". Since August 12, Katy's "Roar" has reached and stayed at #1 on the main chart of iTunes USA. "Applause" needed a few hours to crack the Top 10, but when it did, it grabbed the #2 position. Those rankings remained the same until this last Friday, August 16th, when "Applause" dropped to #4. Why?. It's been revealed now, thanks to sources over at, that when the 'first week of confrontation' concludes, Katy's "Roar" will have doubled Lady Gaga's "Applause" in digital sales on iTunes. "Roar" is set to sell 450,000 'copies' while "Applause" will have to do with 200-250k. This is a clear proof the American audience is on the side of Katy's uplifting commercial pop ways.

However, I don't think Gaga should feel all defeated just yet. Although she has the "Applause" music video coming out next Monday on 'Good Morning America', her real and ONLY chance to make true damage to Katy Perry's uber successful "Roar" will be when they both take the stage at the 2013 Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 25th. That 'direct LIVE confrontation' will be decisive....right?. Is opening better than closing?. What do you think?. Their labels are probably in negotations with MTV at the moment trying to settle that. Whatever their slots are, one thing is for sure, both Katy and Gaga are planning to SLAY next Sunday. Mark my words these will be without a doubt THE best performances of "Roar" and "Applause" you will see, at least in the medium-term. They're going BIG for the VMAs. I mean, props, lights, costumes, dancers, camera work, big screens, pyrotechnics and everything else-wise. Whoever delivers the best performance will see; either consolidating herself at the top (Queen Katy), or finally connecting with the general audience thanks to that 'oomph' her live showmanship gives the song and claw her way up to the top (Gaga). Will Katy Perry and Lady Gaga's 2013 VMA performances be decisive for their new singles? Or is it over for Gaga?.
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