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"Katy Perry Vs. Lady Gaga" Adam Lambert Chimes on the Media induced War

Pop star Adam Lambert weighed in on the current uproar about Katy Perry and Lady Gaga that has resulted largely because of the media. With the recent new single releases by both artists, the media, and even fans, have taken to choosing sides between the two queens of pop.

Many are merely predicting who will win the Entertainment Weekly dubbed "Singles Sales Showdown." However, in some cases, reports have been downright nasty. Directlyrics wrote, "although [Gaga] has the "Applause" music video coming out next Monday on 'Good Morning America', her real and ONLY chance to make true damage to Katy Perry's uber successful "Roar" will be when they both take the stage at the 2013 Video Music Awards." Are these women really trying to damage each other? It seems more like the media wants them to have an all-out war, rather than let them bask in their individual glory.

Adam, who has supported both artists in the past, re-tweeted Michelle Visage on Saturday: "WHY does the media have to pit @katyperry and @ladygaga against each other? Can't they both release songs and just BE? WTF?" He responded with, "I agree! There's room for all! It's music not a contest. The fan "wars" are so silly too." Adam has relationships with both artists, being long-time friends with Katy Perry, and Gaga wrote a song on his debut album.

The music biz is a competitive industry, but as Adam says, there is room for all artists to be successful. The media and fans should take a lesson from Adam and rather than bash artists, focus on helping their favorites to succeed.

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