Kanye West Gets Booed At Los Angeles Baseball Game

The atmosphere at Dodger's Stadium in Los Angeles was warm and welcoming on Wednesday evening – unless, of course, your name was Kanye West.

Indeed, the notoriously moody rapper enjoyed a few precious hours away from Kim Kardashian and newborn daughter North to take in a baseball game between local team Los Angeles Dodgers and arch rivals New York Mets.

Having arrived with Kim's younger brother Rob, Yeezy was roundly booed by Dodgers fans as his face appeared on a large screen inside the stadium.

“Kanye West was just shown on the jumbatron at Dodger Stadium and booed,” ESPN writer Arash Markazi tweeted at the time.

Markazi later noted for his followers that Kanye and his party had been reseated, tweeting: “Kanye West just got moved to second row seats near the Mets dugout. #KanyeWatch.”
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