More Teen Wolf Spoilers from E! and Entertainment Weekly

More 'spoilers' for the summer finale.

LynZ_Ann: Allison/isaac, do we see more of their relationship, romantically? #TeenWolf
Ain't nobody got time for a burgeoning romance when lives are on the line and epic wolf battles are to be fought, come on now! But there is a small moment in Monday's finale that definitely sets the stage for these two to get together in season 3B. In fact, Isaac is smiling and laughing. One person who witnesses said moment? Scott. Sound the love triangle alarm!

I would spend this whole paragraph raving about how good Teen Wolf has been this season, but that wouldn’t count as scoop, right? Didn’t think so. Ah, well. I guess these five nuggests about the show’s Monday midseason finale will have to do.
+ Early in the episode, there are some flashbacks that turn out to be worth their weight in valuable info.
+ [spoiler] saves the day with a baseball bat.
+ After the episode, Scott will be able to tell his dad: Remember that time my ex-girlfriend totally outsmarted you? But I don’t see that happening any time soon…since that would require the two of them talking!
+ Someone we love leaves home, possibly for good. And someone else (for whom we have no specific feelings) takes a hike as well…probably not for good.
+ Surprise (/not surprise?): The final minutes are a game-changer. Someone we know well will reveal themselves to be the likely big bad of season 3B and put the season so-far into perspective. It’s pretty brilliant — and scary.

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let's hope it's better than the mess that was the s2 finale, but I'm not optimistc.