JTT sighting! Oh yeah, Zachery Ty Bryan was there, too

They were idolized by millions of American fans throughout the 1990's.

And on Wednesday night in Hollywood actors Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan were reunited 14 years after Home Improvement went off the air.

Now both 31 they seemed delighted to see one another at the Dark Tourist film premiere at the Arc Light cinema.

And the years have been kind to the pair who have gone on to have successful careers in Tinseltown unlike so many of their counter parts from the same era.

Wearing a black suit and white shirt Zachery, who played Brad towered over Jonathan who played his younger brother Randy on Home Improvement.

Dressed in a khaki jacket, plaid shirt and jeans, Jonathan seemed relaxed as he chatted to his old friend like they had never been apart.

Home Improvement which aired on ABC between 1991 and 1999 also starred Tim Allen, Patricia Anderson and Taran Noah Smith.

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