Lady Gaga Fans Offer Oral Sex on Craigslist For Chance to Meet Her

So, this might be the most blatant attempt to sell music ever: Lady Gaga just tweeted she'll meet with "the 2 fans w/ the most purchase/gift screenshots" of "Applause," her latest single and an instant drag queen anthem. And in turn, this might be the most revolting attempt to win a contest ever: Fans are offering sexual favors on Craiglist to anyone who demonstrates that they purchased "Applause."

To be precise, one 21-year-old man in Los Angeles is "offering blow jobs that wil make you go GAGA" if you prove to him "you have purchased Lady Gaga's new single 'Applause' on iTunes!!!" Yes, that means for the low, low price of $1.29, you can receive oral sex in Los Angeles. Big savings, guys.

Another 21-year-old man in Miami posted a similar offer on Craigslist, but this guy was a little more discriminating. He specified that not only must you buy the Gaga single to get oral sex, but you have to be "STD free" to boot. And it gets more restrictive than that: He specified "no anal" would be involved under any circumstances. Miami men: So much more straight-laced than L.A. dudes.

Honestly, the whole thing seems circumspect to us. Aside from wondering if anyone would actually go this far, you have to figure the time commitment involved in this proposition is almost prohibitive in itself. Some fan will easily dole out enough dough to buy at least 100 copies of "Applause," so you'd need to complete (or at least promise) more than a hundred sexual favors just to keep competitive in this contest. And honestly, who has time for that?


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