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Man tries to access Michelle Obama’s bank account, claims she adopted him

A Texas man has been arrested after claiming to be the newly adopted son of first lady Michelle Obama and asking a bank teller to give him access to her account.

Police were called to Chase Bank in Bryan, Texas, to reports of a suspicious customer, who was “attempting to access and account under Michelle Obama.”

The bank teller quickly determined Johnnie Fletcher Gooden Jr. was not who he said he was and asked him to leave.
He refused despite being told that Mrs. Obama doesn't have an account there.

When the police arrived to question the man, the Houston Chronicle reported he had told them that “Mrs. Obama contacted him through Facebook and adopted him and he was now trying to get money out of her bank account.”
But the 29-year-old suspect stopped talking when he was challenged by officers.

He was arrested and is now in the Brazos County Jail.
Bryan Police Department spokeswoman Kelley McKethan said that a criminal background check revealed that Gooden had outstanding warrants for resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.
He also ended up with a new pot possession charge after police found a bag of marijuana in the pocket of his shorts.

idk why they wouldn't believe him...
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