Kim Kardashian Won't Let Smokers Near Her Baby

Kim Kardashian has banned mom Kris Jenner and her baby daddy beau Kanye West from smoking near her daughter North West.

Non-smoker Kim doesn’t want Kim or Kris coming near her baby when they smell of smoke.

“Kim’s a complete nonsmoker and she’s forbidden Kanye – who puffs cigars – and her mother, who’s a closet cigarette smoker, from coming anywhere near her precious baby, North, unless they literally scrub themselves down first,” a source said.

“Kim HATES the smell of smoke – and even though neither Kanye nor Kris actually smoke in front of the baby, she doesn’t want North contaminated with smoky odor.

“So she’s laid down the law that they can’t touch, hold or even come near the baby until they’ve showered and brushed their teeth.”

nothing wrong with that imo