Selena Gomez denies feud with Taylor Swift

During an appearance on The Talk, aired on Wednesday, Selena Gomez dismissed reports that she was "fueding" with Taylor Swift.

She referred to Swift as her "best friend" and "one of the most incredible, sweet people ever", and spoke of her recent getaway to Swift's Rhode Island beach home. "She picked me up from the airport. And then my song came on and we freaked out and then her song came on and we freaked out. We were just, like, dancing in the car."

A source recently told Us Weekly: "Taylor hates Justin. She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him. Beiber has really come between the girls. He complains Taylor's always telling Selena she can do better."

Us Weekly pointed to Swift's non-attendence at Gomez's 21st birthday party on July 27 as evidence of a rift. However, Swift was performing at Gillette Stadium, Massachusetts on the night in question and sent Gomez a birthday message via twitter, describing her as the "closest thing I've ever had to a sister."

A Swift rep told the tabloid that the pair are "great friends who talk almost daily."
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Selena Gomez: Taylor advised me not to put Bieber voicemail on album

Selena Gomez asked Taylor Swift for music advice before the release of her Stars Dance album.

"Taylor was the first person I played my stuff for. She listened to a couple of the songs and she gave me really good advice and opinions. She liked most of them. She is that kind of the friend that knows and has the ear and understands it. She was the one I went to for the advice part of it all. The rest was just friends back at home."

Swift offered commentary on the content of 'Love Will Remember,' the original version of which included a Justin Bieber voicemail recording and which Swift heard.

Gomez admitted that Swift told her, "'Don't make it too personal.' And I kind of took her advice on that."