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IndieWire's 2013 Summer Movie Season In Review: The Winners and The Losers

While we're only a few weeks into August, summer blockbuster season is pretty much winding down for the year. Last weekend brought "Elysium," the last major tentpole for the moment (albeit an underperforming one), and the rest of August is mostly made up of lo-fi programmers and would-be-franchises that, if their studios had any confidence in them, would be coming out at a different time. So it seems like a good time as any to take a look at the summer box office over the last few months, and discuss who had a good May-August in 2013, and who really didn't.

The box office conversation has been dominated by a few high-profile flops, but on the whole, it's actually been a strong summer. While the profit from the hits might have been dented by the money-losers, theaters have been packed out, and Variety reports that we're running 12% ahead of the previous record-breaking year, 2011. That said, there are plenty of lessons to be learned here, and below, you can see who'll be popping open the champagne to celebrate come Labor Day, and who'll be drowning their sorrows. Let us know your own thoughts in the comments section when you're done.

Goodbye Summer Movie Season 2013! It's been nice knowing 'ya!Collapse )

More mentions of other Summer Movie Season winners and losers at the ( SOURCE )

Who do YOU think were this year's Summer Movie Season winners and losers, ONTD?

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