GaGa under fire for "desperate" tactics

This afternoon, Lady Gaga made two disturbing tweets that encourage her fans to help her get another number one song. In the first one, she announced a contest in which fans can win a chance to meet her and attend a concert if they purchase her new single "Applause," which is being overshadowed by Katy Perry's "Roar." In the second one, she lets fans know they will have a better chance of winning if they buy multiple copies. She tells them that they must post pictures of the purchase receipts.

As of this afternoon, some of Lady Gaga's fans have individually spent over $300 in order to buy multiple copies of "Applause" in hopes of winning the contest. Billboard tells us that all copies purchased will count towards the charting of the song. However, many Internet posters believe that Lady Gaga is not only taking advantage of her fans, but trying to score a number one song through inflated sales methods.

Two years ago, after the "Born This Way" album fell flat, Lady Gaga reduced the price to 99 cents and Billboard counted the sales. Due to the backlash, Billboard no longer counts albums that sell for less than three dollars. Let's hope people complain enough about this desperate stunt for it to cause a backlash.