Desperate Lady Gaga STILL wearing garish war paint to plug new song...Katy remains unbothered

They are currently battling head-to-head on the charts after releasing their new singles within one day of each other.

But Katy Perry is already in the lead as Lady Gaga trails behind her, despite the Poker Face singer's desperate attempts to regain her position as Queen Of Pop.

The 27-year-old stepped out on Tuesday wearing the same garish war paint she has sported the past few days to plug her new song Applause, while Katy, 28, acted like someone with nothing to prove as she arrived in a tracksuit at JFK International Airport in New York that same morning.

Katy is currently charting at number one on the iTunes chart, with Gaga right behind at number two.

Both pop stars were forced to release their new singles early due to online leaks.

Katy debuted her surefire hit Roar - the lead single off her upcoming album Prism - on Sunday after it appeared online Saturday.

'Looks like there's a tiger on the loose!!!' the singer wrote in a Twitter post Sunday about the leak, adding that the song would be officially available on iTunes by midnight.

Gaga, meanwhile, rush-released Applause - from her third record ARTPOP - on Monday night after a failed fan-led anti-piracy campaign.

'A pop music emergency is underway,' she wrote on her website.

'Due to hackers an abundance of low/high quality leaks…we issue this pop music emergency … monsters spread the word.'

In a somewhat prescient twist, the lyrics of each single appear to mirror the singers' current personas.

Gaga comes across as needy of her fans' support and approval in the stomping dance track, singing:

'I live for the applause, live for the way that you cheer and scream for me.'

And in a promotional video for the song, she adopts reverse psychology, claiming 'Lady Gaga is over' and urges her fans not to buy her record, but the move comes across as slightly desperate.

Katy, meanwhile, takes a far more assertive stance, belting out the chorus: 'I got the eye of the tiger, the fighter, dancing through the fire. Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar'

And in an earlier show of solidarity, Gaga posted the following Twitter message for Katy: ‘Wanna grab some shovels and f*** up some hackers? @katyperry excited to hear your ROAR, sorry to hear about your truck!’ she wrote, referring to Katy's promotional truck and the accident it had at a Walmart parking lot.

'@ladygaga what a WILD weekend so far,' replied Katy. 'Claws out, paws up! Looking forward to putting my hands up & making them touch too!'

Meanwhile, Gaga's fans, nicknamed 'monsters', have spoken out about their beloved idol and her vulnerability alongside the juggernaut that is Katy Perry.

In a post titled 'Im [sic] worried about Katy Perry, a fan called SunKing expresses his concern about Gaga's predicament.

'im just worried katy is going to have more longevity with her single and outlast gaga's single just because the general public are so fickle and like stuff that is safe,' he wrote on fansite Gagadaily.

'i know gaga's faced tougher competition (britney, madonna) but this time it's against her PEER. if she loses to katy it'd be devastating, she's already lost her twitter crown and katy is on the way of having more views than gaga as well on youtube!! [sic]'.