Are Courtney and Jen No Longer Friends?

They used to be the best of Friends.

But it appears Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have cooled their relationship. The famous actresses have missed a series of key events in each other’s life over the past year, prompting speculation they have finally fallen out.

Last weekend, Miss Aniston, 44, threw a lavish 42nd birthday party for her fiancé Justin Theroux. It was attended by a host of their mutual friends, including actresses Laura Dern, 46, and Isla Fisher, 37. But Miss Cox - who was once so close to Miss Aniston she named her as godmother to her daughter Coco eight years ago - missed the event entirely, instead holidaying with friends in Cancun, in Mexico. The 49-year-old had to cut short her holiday when she slipped and broke her wrist on Saturday (10), the same day Miss Aniston and her friends were celebrating at her mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

It was only the latest in a string of important get-togethers the pair have missed.
In June, Miss Aniston was a notable absentee at Miss Cox’s birthday party, reportedly because Mr Theroux encouraged her to spend less time with her old friends. Last December, she celebrated her engagement to Mr Theroux by inviting 50 of her closest friends - including chat show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Demi Moore - to her house, but again Miss Cox was not on the guest list. And in February last year, Miss Cox was missed off a star-studded list for Miss Aniston’s 43rd birthday at Chateau Marmont in California.

Miss Cox, who played Monica Geller in Friends, once regularly spent her holidays with Miss Aniston, who played her flatmate and schoolfriend Rachel Green. But the pair started to drift apart after it stopped filming in 2004. Miss Cox helped Miss Aniston recover from her divorce to Brad Pitt in 2005. But they reportedly feuded when Miss Cox separated from her husband David Arquette - a close friend of Miss Aniston’s - in 2010.

Praying this isn't true, tbh.  I love their friendship. :(