This Is A Late Night Gay News Post, ONTD! A PSA For Straight Girls From Gays + Mr. Gay World 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, let us now rip this gay ass post a new one...

Attention, Straight Girls of ONTD: This Is Your Guide to Gay Boys

Davey Wavey of YouTube fame, who brought us "What Old People Think About Gay Sex", has done it again. He’s brought several gay YouTubers together to dole out some much-needed info to their straight girl friends.

It offers up some important advice for partying:


Word choice:

Social media:

And matchmaking:

Get your learn on here:

Beauty Pageants Aren't JUST For Women: Meet Mr. Gay World 2013, ONTD

Yes, there is a Mr. Gay World. Yes, he’s a fitness-training, ballet-dancing hunk. Meet Chris Olwage. He might look like your average 27-year-old South-African-born New Zealand hunk, hanging out at the beach, looking pensive in a tank top and shorts.

But ACTUALLY, Chris is the newly crowned winner of the 2013 Mr. Gay World competition.

Chris was a Mr. Gay World contestant from New Zealand. Where he served honorably as Mr. Gay NZ, walking around in parades like this.

He was also a contestant on "New Zealand’s Got Talent", where he performed as a bird ballerina. And did moves like this.

More candid shots of Mr. Gay World 2013 below.

OP: His eyes and his body are definitely on point for me but NGL... YIKES at that hairline! Bitch be werqing some Jason Statham realness with that hairline like JFC... But what do YOU think, ONTD? You can check out Source TROIS below for more photos of Mr. Gay World 2013 if any of y'all are interested in him.



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