‘Teen Wolf’ - 3x11 Recap

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 11 just finished airing! Come read our recap and discuss “Alpha Pact” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 11 “Alpha Pact” began with Stiles and Derek in the elevator. Stiles is trying to wake Derek up, and just as he’s about to punch him, Derek stops him and asks where Jennifer is. “He took Scott’s mom,” Stiles says.

Game on.

As Derek goes after Cora and Isaac, Stiles has to deal with the FBI agent that clearly doesn’t like Sheriff Stilinski. That’s when they discover the name Argent written in red across the elevator doors. But is it a clue from Morrell or a warning from Jennifer?

Back in Derek’s loft, it’s clear Derek is wounded over the idea that Cora is not getting any better. And Isaac has had neough. He yells at Derek, blaming everything on him. (Which is kind of accurate…) After Isaac leaves, Peter, who is ever in the background, tells Derek that Scott is on his way to becoming an Alpha.

In the Argents’ apartment, Chris convinces Stiles and Allison that he needs their help. Isaac shows up as well, and they all prepare to go up against the Darach. It’s Stiles’ job to go find Lydia, and see if she can help them.

Meanwhile, Peter seems to be further planting the seeds. He tells Derek that he can save Cora because he’s an Alpha. But it comes at a price. From the look on Peter’s face, he doesn’t mind if Derek does pay that price.

While Lydia is deciding not to cover up her bruise, Chris takes Isaac and Allison to the bank vault. But he’s got something up his sleeves. He taser’s Isaac and handcuffs Allison to they can’t stop him from sacrificing himself to Jennifer.

When Stiles finds Lydia, they decide that they have to figure out why Jennifer wanted to kill Lydia. But before they can do that, Stiles gets a text that Chris has been taken. He begins having a panic attack, and Lydia kisses him in order to distract him from everything that’s going on.

Once he calms down, the two of them go to Morrell’s office, but she’s not there. Knowing that she’s never late, they decide something must be wrong. Looking through Lydia’s personal file, they find out that the pictures of the tree she’s been drawing are identical. And they’re all of the nemeton.

The FBI agent grabs Stiles from school and tries to get him to talk about the things he knows but is obviously not sharing. Deaton comes to his rescue, while Lydia shows up at Derek’s and has an awkward confrontation with Peter. She’s there to find out where the nemeton is, but Peter tells her Talia took those memories from him and Derek.

In the forest, Morrell is running from the Alpha Pack. She’s surrounded, but throws out a circle of mountain ash, keeping the Alpha Pack at a (somewhat) safe distance. We find out that Morrell sent the mysterious girl in the first episode. It’s her job to maintain balance.

Morrell also tells the twins and Kali that Deucalion was the one that killed Ennis. Deucalion throws his walking stick at her, knocking her from the circle of mountain ash. Scott stops the others from attacking her, and Morrell tells him that the parents are at the nemeton.

Back down in the root cellar, we learn that Melissa told the Sheriff everything. But Chris said the Sheriff already knew, and this is when we get the heartbreaking scene from Papa Stilinski about his wife, Claudia.

He was at the scene of a car crash where a young woman was dying. The woman gripped his hand so hard it almost broke and told him to go to his wife if he wanted to be with her when she died. Not believing, Stiles’ father didn’t go, and Stiles was left alone as his mother died in front of him.

In the forest, Deaton tells Stiles and Scott that the two of them and Allison have to be surrogate sacrifices for their parents. However, it’ll give power to the nemeton, which will be a beacon to all sorts of supernatural beings. There will also be a darkness around their hearts.

In order for it to work, someone important to them has to hold them down. For Stiles, that person is Lydia. For Scott, it’s Deaton, and for Allison it’s Isaac. Scott’s face when he learns this about Allison is nothing short of heartbreaking.

Then Stiles drops a bomb. It turns out that Scott’s father is in town. It turns out that Scott’s father is the FBI agent!

In the loft, Derek saves Cora by giving up his Alpha powers. Then we see our three heroes pushed under the ice water.