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Ashton Kutcher’s TCA Speech — Inspiring Or Weird?

Are we sure this is the guy that was in ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ At the Teen Choice Awards on August 11, Ashton was presented the Ultimate Choice Award, and his acceptance speech was… unexpected, to say the least. Instead of being his usual funny self, Ashton began imparting wisdom about “hard work” and “being really smart.” Did you love or loathe his surprising acceptance speech?

Ashton Kutcher may have actually become Steve Jobs while portraying him in the upcoming movie, Jobs. Because the funny, goofy, Punk’d Ashton was nowhere to be found when he accepted the Ultimate Choice Award at the Teen Choice Awards on August 11.

The 35-year-old actor seemed to treat his TCA acceptance speech more like a college graduation speech. After humorously admitting that he was receiving “the old guy award,” Ashton quickly moved on to talking about “insider secrets.”

“I feel like a fraud,” Ashton then said. “My name is actually not even Ashton. Ashton is my middle name. My first name’s Chris… But there are some really amazing things I learned when I was Chris.”

And that’s when things got really deep — Ashton told us the amazing things he learned as Chris. “It’s really three things,” Ashton (or Chris maybe?) said, “first thing is about opportunity, the second thing is about being sexy, and the third thing is about living life.”

Here’s what Ashton has to say about opportunity:

I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. When I was 13, I had my first job with my dad throwing shingles up to the roof. Then I got a job washing dishes in a restaurant. And then I got a job in a grocery store deli. And then I got a job in a factory sweeping Cherrios dust off the ground. And I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. Every job I had was a stepping stone to my next job and I never quit my job until I had my next job. So opportunities look a lot like work.

Ashton on being sexy:

The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful and being generous. Everything else is crap. I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it. Be smart. Be thoughtful and be generous.

And of course, Ashton on living life:

The third thing is something that I just re-learned when I was making this movie about Steve Jobs. And Steve Jobs said when you grow up you tend to be told that the world is the way that it is and your life is to live your life inside the world and try not to get in trouble and maybe get an education and make some money and have a family. Everything around us that we call life was made up of people that are no smarter than you. And you can build your own things and you can build your own life that other people can live in. So build a life, don’t live one, find your opportunities and always be sexy.

Okay, we’ve been giving Ashton a hard time. He actually makes a lot of good points, and these things are all great things for a growing teen to live by. And if you forget for a second that this is the guy who made Justin Timberlake cry on Punk’d then yeah, his words are totally inspiring! So we have to give credit where credit’s due.

It’s just, we doubt anyone tuning in to the Teen Choice Awards on August 11 expected to get lessons on life. In between Harry Styles twerking and Darren Criss mumbling in full football gear, Ashton’s profound speech felt a little out of place.

But what did you think about it, HollywoodLifers? Did you love his speech or did you think it was a little strange? Let us know!

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"I’ve never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. Every job I had was a stepping stone to my next job and I never quit my job until I had my next job." I'm learning this right now tbh now that I'm looking for a job and I can't find one in my field. I'll flip your burger and I'll give you the best fucking burger of your life TBQH, I just need a job
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