Brent 360 (brent360) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Brent 360

This Is A Late Night Sex News Roundup Post, ONTD! Old Sex Manuals, Imaginary Slut Pills, and More!

Get ready to talk about sex on your sexy Sunday night, ONTD! So don't be your TL;DR self and get cracking with these sex newsbites!

America’s First Sex Manual, From 1766, Is Full of MonstersCollapse )

What If Rush Limbaugh’s Imaginary Slut Pills Were Real?Collapse )

Memoirs of a Columbia University Alumna: What I learned from trying out for PlayboyCollapse )

Jonathan Klay From Discovery Channel's “Naked & Afraid” Did Porn Too [Mildly NSFW photos under the cut]Collapse )

OP: Y'all know the rules about directly embedding/posting hardcore porn/sex photos/gifs in the comments, so unless you want your fierce and fabulous selves banned from this community, you are heretofore warned. That being said... Sex/porn discussion party post! Let's have fun tonight, ONTD!

Tags: books / authors, discussion, news / news anchors, playboy / girls next door, reality show, reality show celebrity, sex tape, sexism, teen mom (mtv), television
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