Meet Your New Biracial Male Model Hottie, ONTD: His Name Is... Omarius

Model Omarius is of mixed Egyptian and Russian heritage. That’s a combo we’ve never seen before and it results in hotness! Here he is modeling some swimwear (close enough to underwear) for Lewis and Marshall.

And for more additional info on Omarius, this is the intro text from his ModelMayhem profile:

I am a male fitness/fashion model from New York City, I'm interested in sports, modeling, fashion, lifestyle, commercial print, editorial, TV and feature films. It is my goal to grace the covers of magazines like Men's Health, Details, & GQ. I am willing to work on a TFP basis. Sorry, I am not interested in doing any adult assignments, so please do not contact me with any offers. If you would like to work with me feel free to message/contact me (keep it professional).

- O


Mmmm... biracial goodness right here. But the real question is: does he pass the Hand Some Planet test? What say you, ONTD?

Also, who are your favorite POC/mixed-race models, male or female?