In Today's Weird Fashion Trend News: Babies Wearing Watermelons As Overalls

Weibo, the Twitter of China, has invented a thrilling new trend: dressing babies up in watermelons. China's Xinhua news agency first reported the trend in July, pinpointing its origin to Wenzhou city, where parents of the baby above dressed him in a watermelon on a hot summer day for reasons unknown. His watermelon overalls were so cute, other parents imitated them to similarly cute effect. Gaming blog Kotaku points us to a baby in Gladiator-style watermelon armor and an adult in watermelon sunglasses.

Watermelon babies share meme DNA with this cat with a lime peel on its head, this other cat with a lemon peel on its head, and this kitten eating a watermelon.


Well... at least them watermelon-clad babies in China aren't wearing fur! PETA would be so all over this like whoa. Et tu, ONTD? Are you a fan of watermelons?