Rejoice, ONTD! View This Exclusive 7-Minute Spoilerific Sneak Peek of "SNOWPIERCER" + Bonus Material

OP: While many fans were clearly upset at the news that Harvey Weinstein will once again rear his ugly editing head by cutting off approximately twenty minutes of essential footage from Bong Joon-Ho's epic sci-fi ensemble "Snowpiercer" (En Francais: Le Transperceneige), no official word has been out from director Bong as to whether he will heed the demands of the TWC chief.

But don't let this disheartening news get you down! Having done some clever sleuthing on YouTube, I managed to find this AMAZING video which practically showcases several extended key scenes of "Snowpiercer" compressed into a sizable seven minutes. Be informed that it is a video with primarily Korean language commentary, but the scenes from the movie are thankfully in English. While you may have seen the trailers and know of the general plot concerning the film, this exclusive sneak peek offers greater insight into the complex story of "Snowpiercer"--a story that Harvey Weinstein believes is "too smart" for "stupid American audiences" living in Middle America. But take a look at the video below and judge for yourself whether you will be able to handle the intricate complexities of "Snowpiercer" as director Bong Joon-Ho intended it to be.

0:00 - 3:25

Curtis (Chris Evans) and Edgar (Jamie Bell), along with the rest of the population of the Tail Section, are seen getting their daily black protein bar rations made out of dead cockroaches from the train's strict enforcers.

The scene cuts to a train enforcer crushing the hands of an old violinist who refuses to go to the Front Section without his wife. Edgar is pissed but just looks on helplessly as Curtis tells him that "now is not the time" and that they will act "soon".

Curtis is shown consulting with Gilliam (John Hurt), the chief elder of the Tail Section about starting a new revolt against the Front and releasing the train's security expert incarcerated in the Prison Section to help them. Curtis discloses that he intends to take the engine and kill all the elites of the Front. Gilliam expresses surprise and mentions Wilford's (Ed Harris) name in a questioning response. Wilford is, of course, the great and mysterious leader and creator of the Snowpiercer who resides in the Engine Section.

The brutal train enforcers are then shown demanding the Tail Section to round up their children for presentation at the Plaza Area where a full-figured woman from the Front Section dressed in a bright yellow coat is seen taking a measuring tape and inspecting the shabbily dressed kids on display. The woman in the yellow coat spots Tanya (Octavia Spencer) in the crowd and lifts up her skirt to see if she is hiding her child underneath her baggy clothes. Unfortunately, the train enforcers spot Tanya's misdirection and forcibly restrain her as they take her son. Curtis and Edgar rush to help her, but they are also held back by the enforcers. The woman in the yellow coat measures Tanya's son and deems him appropriate. He joins the woman returning to the Front as Tanya screams for her child.

The Tail Section listens to the humiliating sermon of Mason (Tilda Swinton), seen dressed in a purple pantsuit and large fur coat, and harshly reminds the ragged people in her thick Northern Yorkshire accent that ever since the beginning, she "belongs to the Front" while they "belong to the Tail" and that they must "know and keep their place".

The Tail Section is seen handling and preparing a long metal tube to use as a battering ram in preparation for their forward revolt. Tanya approaches Curtis and begs that she join the cause to reunite with her kidnapped son. A warning alarm goes off indicating their daily convergence at the Plaza Area to receive their protein bar rations, and the Tail Section people scramble to cover their secret weapon from the enforcers. Both Edgar and Tanya amazingly call "BULLSHIT" on the nasty-ass protein bars they've been stuck eating with as the enforcers are doing the head count. Their protests rouse the rest of the Tail Section. Gilliam asks Curtis once more if they are still "going for it", and Curtis responds by running towards the front of the crowd and kicking an enforcer right in the chest. The Tail Section proceeds to barrel forward and block the sliding gates with the battering ram and unleash their violent rampage on the train enforcers.

3:26 - 4:35

Behind the scenes footage and interview snippets of the cast and crew on the making of "Snowpiercer", with mostly Korean voiceover commentary.

4:35 - 7:08

The people of the Tail Section successfully make it to the Prison Section. Edgar is seen unlocking a large metal cabinet similar to the ones storing corpses in morgues and funeral homes. They release a bedraggled-looking and middle-aged Asian man named Namgoong Minsu (Song Kang-Ho), a native Korean who cannot speak English. Both he and Curtis attempt to communicate using flat, disk-shaped electronic devices that serve as a live vocal translator, and Namgoong immediately does not hesitate to let loose some choice Korean expletives (audibly bleeped out) upon his introduction to Curtis. Curtis asks for Namgoong's help in unlocking all the barriers that will help them go all the way to the Front and Engine Sections. There is then another metal cabinet being opened next to Namgoong's and reveals the sleeping form of a young Asian woman. She is Namgoong's daughter, Yona (Ko Ah-Sung), who is also imprisoned along with her father.

Namgoong is shown hotwiring the train's circuitry in the one of the train's carriages while the Tail Section waits for him to complete the job. Edgar is seen angrily screaming at Namgoong to hurry it up and not keep them waiting. Curtis has a conversation with Yona, who is revealed to speak fluent yet softly accented English and also happens to be a first-generation "train baby"--one of the many youths born on the Snowpiercer and who have never set foot on the now frozen wasteland of Earth. Yona discloses that she is seventeen years old and asks Curtis the same question. Curtis replies that he lived on Earth for seventeen years and has lived on Snowpiercer's Tail Section for an additional seventeen.

Yona asks Curtis what Earth was like, but before he can answer her question, the scene immediately cuts to Yona and Namgoong leisurely walking through the lush and brightly lit Greenhouse Section where several plants growing fruits and vegetables can be seen. Father and daughter are seen conversing in their native Korean tongue, sampling an unknown substance in their mouths, and Yona holds what appears to be soil in her hands handed to her by Namgoong.

Curtis and Gilliam are seen lying together in the dark and continuing their discussion about their rebellion. Gilliam questions Curtis if he is still "determined to push ahead" now that they have gone further than previous revolts in the past. Curtis responds that "they're already halfway".

A brief glimpse of Snowpiercer can be seen barreling along a precarious track over a deep ravine before it quickly cuts to Mason addressing the incoming Tail Section as "filthy ingrates". She is surrounded by her personal guards and in front of her are several masked men ready to fight the Tail Section. Serving up some Margaret Thatcher/Dolores Umbridge HBIC realness, the bespectacled Mason maniacally proclaims on the megaphone that they "pray not for the benevolent Wilford" and that they would have "frozen solid eighteen years ago" if not for Wilford's supposed benevolence. She expresses contempt that the Tail Section have repaid Wilford's kindness with "violent hooliganism". Curtis whispers to Edgar slightly behind him to "be careful" before they proceed to fight Mason's masked army with axes.

A quick supercut of scenes previously shown on the international trailer where Curtis and his rebel team fight their way through the different areas of the Front Section until they successfully make their way to their goal, with Curtis seen in the shadowy Engine Section advancing forward to finally take the engine and confront Wilford.


Arirang World's Entertainment News Feature Segment + Review of "Snowpiercer" (in English Language audio)

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Extended Animated Prequel:
What Happened to the World Before Snowpiercer
(Korean narration by Yona with English subtitles)

OP text + spoiler text transcription of the sneak peek video done by me. Video sources ( UNE ) ( DEUX )  ( TROIS ) ( QUATRE ) ( CINQ ) ( SIX )

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