Lauren Conrad honored for her Eco Contribution plus latest pics of Lauren & her dogs

Conrad was honored at last week’s Young Hollywood Awards for her environmental commitment. Her XO (eco) accessories line has upcycled more than three million bottles and kept over 128 million disposable alternatives out of landfills.

“I’m thrilled to have received this honor,” stated Conrad. “My XO (eco) line intersects fashion and sustainability, which I deeply believe is the future. My goal is to inspire the next generation to be bold, creative and kind to the environment.”

“Lauren Conrad, much like SodaStream, is a green trailblazer in the creation of solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow,” stated SodaStream CEO, Daniel Birnbaum. “It is important that we acknowledge the efforts made by young Hollywood and we are honored to recognize Lauren Conrad as the first recipient of the SodaStream UnBottle the World Award.”

At the Young Hollywood awards where she received her SodaStream award wearing a dress from her fall Paper Crown collection

Shopping in LA 8-2-13

Arriving at LAX 08-04-13

The latest pics of Chloe and Fitz Conrad, the most adorable celeb dogs ever.

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