Chicago Police Department shuts down opening show of Backstreet Boys North American tour

So earlier tonight I was at the Backstreet Boys concert - or really partial concert - that took place at Northerly Island tonight in Chicago. During the show all of the lights came on and we found out that the Chicago Police Department said that it was "past curfew" - despite the fact that we were on an island with no residential areas, almost everyone there was an adult, it's summer, and just across the lake Lollapalooza was still going on - and had the teamsters turn on the lights and ultimately cut power to all of the guys microphones. They tried to organize doing one more song to send everyone off with but the Police wouldn't allow it and apparently threatened to both fine and arrest the guys.

The show started late (about a half hour) as well due to issues with the city. I had a VIP package and we ended up starting over two hours late due to issues with the fire marshal. After sound check and the Q&A the city wanted them to stop the meet and greet / photo op portion as well saying people had to have their seats (again it's an outdoor venue on an island where it wasn't crowded and no real issue with people being outside) so instead of cancel anything they brought the remaining VIPs backstage so that we could do our photo ops there while the rest of the audience trickled in (also meaning that VIP time was cut short and we never got some of the perks like private merchandise shopping).

Basically the entire thing was a fuck up of epic proportions, a lot of which involved the city of Chicago. The sound on the video didn't come out that great but I was right in the front (second row) so we could hear the guys really clearly when they were talking to us. Kevin said that in 20 years they've never been shut down before. It got crazy when we were exiting with some fans refusing to leave, yelling at cops, and some people even rushed the gate by the buses. I tried to get a shot of a fan going at it with the cops (they were getting mouthy with cops who were not having it, and I've heard some other people say there was an arrest or two, so I'm not sure if this was it) but the lights kind of messed it up. Also this post would be more coherent if I wasn't seething right now.

Source: Me and my camera. The video quality will improve... YouTube is still processing this so it's a little iffy at the moment.

Edit: WGN News contacted me about this. I just got off the phone with them. The police say they are denying they were even there and know nothing about this. The time stamp on my video shows they were shut down at 10:53 PM (I started recording a little into it since at first no one was sure what was going on). Also have conflicting reports as to when the NIN set at Lolla ended from different people who claim they were there. Chicago Police claim the Park District shut it down the Park District claims it was Live Nation and Live Nation claims it was the Pavillion who claims it was the Chicago Police. Basically no one is owning up to it.