You Have Been Warned, ONTD: "SNOWPIERCER" Slayed Korean Audiences And Will Be Coming For You Next!

South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho's English cinematic debut "Snowpiercer" has smashed the local box office record, surpassing 1 million in attendance in just two days of opening, a market tracker said Friday.

According to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) that tracks box-office records, the flick attracted 1.03 million viewers as of Thursday, one day after opening at local theaters.

It became the fastest film in the country to surpass the 1 million audience mark in terms of weekday sales. In June, the action-comedy "Secretly Greatly" attracted more than 1 million moviegoers in less than two days of release, including a national holiday.

The pace of growth for "Snowpiercer" is a day faster than the 2012-box office smash "The Thieves" and two days faster than Bong's previous hit "The Host."

On Thursday, "Snowpiercer," the post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie set on a massive train traveling around a frozen world, stayed at No. 1 on the daily box office for a second day, drawing a record 600,998 viewers. It is expected to top the 2 million mark by this weekend.

"The movie's box-office success is expected to continue for a while as it accounts for about 60 percent of movie tickets reserved as of now," said the film's local investor-distributor CJ Entertainment.

The movie stars top Korean actor Song Kang-Ho alongside Hollywood players Chris Evans from "The Avengers," Ed Harris, Octavia Spencer from "The Help," and Jamie Bell and Tilda Swinton, both well-known British actors. Bong and the American screenwriter Kelly Masterson wrote the screenplay based on the graphic novel "Le Transperceneige."

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Footage of Kween Tilda and King Evans together with co-stars Song Kang-Ho and Ko Ah-Sung and director Bong Joon-Ho at the "Snowpiercer" photocall and red carpet world premiere in Seoul, South Korea. Second video has Kween Tilda going on the record to be greatly honored to be working with her Korean director and co-stars and praising the flawlessness of Korean cinema because of Bong Joon-Ho, which begins at the 1:59 mark if y'all want to skip to hear the flaw-free alien goddess HBIC kween's holy gospel and my husband Captain America just being a lovable dork after listening to goddess Tilda's iconic words of wisdom.

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YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MA'AM! "Snowpiercer" be snatching them box office wigs in Korea and the rest of Asia very soon. As usual, my ethereal alien high priestess along with my harem Hollywood husband continue to remain perfect and flaw-free. Bless Koreans and their clearly superior moviegoing taste. I mean, when will y'all in 'Murica ever, ONTD? Oh, and thanks to a fabulous ONTD member living in Korea who saw the movie before us late losers, I now know what happens in the film! So if you want spoilers, let's just say this gif below shall serve as a clue...

And this lovely gif/"Snowpiercer" spoiler clue is dedicated to brenden, our community founder and polar bear aficionado.