Lindsay Lohan Taking Recovery Seriously With "Strict" Sober Coach + 'Chelsea Lately' Sneak Peak!

Lindsay Lohan says that she is committed to staying on the road to recovery.
Fresh from completing 90 days of court-ordered rehab, Lohan is telling those around her that she is taking what she learned in treatment to heart and is willing to do what it takes to turn her life around.
"She is taking this really serious," a close Lindsay source exclusively tells E! News. "She wants people to know the days of her clubbing and partying are over and she is a new girl."

We can confirm that she has hired a sober coach, whom she worked closely with at Cliffside Malibu, to be around her at all times as she transitions back to so-called normal life.
The coach is letting her stay at his house in Los Angeles for the next couple of nights and he will be accompanying her on an upcoming trip to Europe and then will live with her for a time back in New York.

"The coach is a really fun, great person, but is very strict about keeping Lindsay together and not falling back," our insider says.
And we are told that it was Lohan who was adamant about hiring the coach and keeping him close at hand.

"I believe she is going to keep things low-key from now on," the source adds, saying we may not see much of Lindsay for a while. "This is a new chapter in her life."
Before the 27-year-old star heads under the radar, however, we'll see her guest-host next Monday's episode of Chelsea Lately and she's going to be sitting down with Oprah Winfrey as part of an an eight-part docu-series that will air on OWN.
The Lohan source tells us that she really enjoyed her time at Cliffside and became friends with everyone in the facility and just "loves" her therapist—which is fortunate, because she's required to have three 50-minute counseling sessions a week (in person or via Skype, etc.) for 18 months.
According to the insider, while in rehab Lindsay also had family therapy sessions with parents Michael and Dina Lohan, with Michael visiting in person and Dina piping in via speaker phone. The sessions were really good for Lindsay, the source says.


Lindsay Lohan Is the 'Best I've Ever Seen Her,' Says Source Close to Lohan

Is she finally serious about sobriety?

A source close to Lindsay Lohan's says yes, that the actress, who has relapsed many times before, is getting a framework in place to keep her from falling into substance abuse again upon her latest release from rehab.

That means truly committing to therapy and AA, cutting enablers out of her life and leaning on good influences, including Oprah Winfrey, for support.

"She's the best I've ever seen her, honestly," the source tells PEOPLE. "All she wants to do is work."

"She's doing really, really well. She has a sober coach who's going to be traveling with her and close to her in New York and is basically going to be assigned to her for an extended period of time."

The source adds: "She's got those three therapy sessions a week now that are court ordered. And on top of that, she's going to AA meetings daily. So I think she's going to do really well this time. I've never seen her commitment so strong."

The Canyons actress, 27, is also trying to separate herself from enablers, the source close to her says. "She's cut a lot of people out of her life … She's keeping her distance from her mother [Dina]."

Some of that is Oprah Winfrey's influence, the source adds. Winfrey recently struck a deal to interview Lohan for a special in August and create an eight-part documentary series starring the actress, to air in 2014.

"I think a lot of it has to do with the Oprah people really supporting her and telling her what to do," the source says of Lohan's decision to surround herself with more positive people.


Lindsay Lohan makes her first television appearance since leaving her rehab facility on Chelsea Lately, airing on Monday (August 5).

A sneak peek video of the actress was just released – check out Linds telling some jokes below. On the show, Lindsay interviewed Dylan Bruce from the BBC show Orphan Black. She also took on the round table segment with comedians Jen Kirkman and Fortune Feimster.

Be sure to tune into E! on Monday night (August 5) to check out Lindsay‘s Chelsea Lately episode and her new much-anticipated movie "The Canyons" opens in theaters and is available on iTunes and on demand today!