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Momriah is "so connected" with her twins. Slingriah flashes fresh manicure

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Below, see excerpts from an interview with Nick Cannon that was published today by Parade magazine.

On how he and wife Mariah Carey juggle busy careers and parenthood.
"Family is always first. We're a 24-hour household. Someone is always up with the kids – we get to spend time with each other that way, up with the kids at three in the morning. We're constantly with each other. A lot of people have nine-to-fives where they have to be away from their family throughout the day, so I think we might even get to spend more time with our kids than most people because we don’t work nine-to-five straight. Yesterday, I was flying a kite with my kid in the middle of the day, even though it wasn't a weekend, most people don't get to do that. It's a good lifestyle - even with our lifestyle, we still get to put family first."

On what it's like having two-year-olds running around the house.
"It's fun. I think I have more fun with my kids than I've ever had. Like I said, flying a kite yesterday - the last time I did that I was a kid! Doing that type of stuff is amazing."

On what would surprise people to know about Mariah as a mom.
"She cooks for the kids and helps them with their alphabet and their math. She's so connected and does everything you think a mother would do."

On Mariah's recent injury while filming a video for the remix of her hit "#Beautiful."
"She's feeling much better. She still doesn't have full use of her right hand yet because of the nerve damage, but she'll heal up and hopefully be back to normal. Her shoulder is back in place and her ribs are feeling better, but she's just looking forward to using her hand again."

On her recent performance at the Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert in New York City’s Central Park.
"You have to use your ribs to sing and hit those notes, so for her to be able to hit those notes in that much pain was tremendous."



She's undergoing intense physical therapy following a shoulder dislocation last month.

But despite her injury, Mariah Carey is doing her utmost to continue with her life as normal - and is determined to look as glamorous as ever while doing so. The 43-year-old singer was seen leaving her apartment in New York on Wednesday with her arm still in a sling.

However, while many people wouldn't be able to make such a garment look glamorous, Mariah managed to with aplomb.

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The mother-of-two matched the plain black sling with to her dress, and added a pair of dark sunglasses for some extra glamour.

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On the accessory front, Mariah opted for a pair of eye-catching dazzling diamond hoop earrings, and wore her brunette hair slicked back into a bun.

And despite her shoulder injury, Mariah still ensured her nails were perfectly manicured, with just a touch of pale pink varnish.

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