Avan Jogia still doesn't know if he killed Regina

Here's some scoop on Twisted from Entertainment Weekly's Sandra Gonzalez's The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 8/1/13.

Anything on Twisted? It’s become one of my new favorite summer shows! – Anna

With just four episodes to go until the end of the first part of the season, Avan Jogia teased that we’ll be seeing Danny reaching “his lowest point” in the last new episode of 2013. And while he confirmed that we will not know if Danny murdered Regina anytime soon, he says he doesn’t know the actual answer to the big mystery. “They have not told me,” he says. “We have an opportunity to make a very interesting, challenging show and that’s all I care about. I want to hold my opinion on whether I want him to be a murderer or not. There are other ways that you can be a bad guy that have nothing to do with murder and that’s what I would like to explore … of course, he may still end up being a psychopath.”

It would be so awesome if they mislead everyone by revealing he's not the killer but then he ends up doing something that proves he really is a sociopath.