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Kellan Lutz doesn't like being objectified

Kellan Lutz has revealed that he is actually a fan of being fully dressed - despite often being snapped without a shirt on.

The actor, who shot to fame in the Twilight Saga, has been seen half-naked on an array of jobs, including in his upcoming films Tarzan and Hercules, as well as in a Calvin Klein campaign.

He is quoted by People as saying, however, that he prefers to be fully dressed.

"I [prefer] more clothes," he told People. It's not like I prefer to be naked or in my underwear!"

He has the same beliefs when it comes to girls - he believes that more is more, even in terms of high heels!

“Leaving more to the imagination’s always better," he said. "There are girls walking in bikinis with one of those see-through white tops or button-downs. It’s very angelic, I like the way fabrics move in the wind.

“I was just at the Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake concert in L.A. … [and] you notice all these girls stumbling to walk [in heels] and I’m like, ‘Why? You’re just gonna have a terrible time here. Who are you trying to impress?’"

He added: "Living by the beach I see so many girls in flip flops and they’re just loving life.”

Kellan can be seen - topless - in the new Tarzan live-action film later this year. He's also nabbed the title role in Hercules, which is out next Spring.

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