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Lindsay Lohan Glows, Brings on the Laughs as Guest Host of Chelsea Lately

Lindsay Lohan's back, people! The gorgeous star recorded her guest-hosting stint on Chelsea Lately today (airing Monday, Aug. 5 at 11:00pm on E!), and LiLo greeted the roaring crowd with an ear-to-ear smile. Wearing an all-black ensemble, Lohan looked better than ever, strutting her svelte figure and giving off a radiant glow (no really, she looked amazing).

According to a source close to production, Lindsay arrived on set right on time and did an great job during rehearsals, and that was evident during the actual show. The celeb busted right through the opening monologue in one take, feeding off of the audience's energy and even poking fun at herself from time to time. (Seriously, it was pretty great. But you'll have to watch on Monday to find out what she said.) During the roundtable, Lohan continued to show that she can hold her own and bring the funny.

Even Lindsay couldn't stop herself from busting up laughing for most of the show. Granted, this isn't the star's normal gig, so she got a little flustered and have to start over here and there, but even then, she'd do a little giggle and apologize to the crowd. Too cute.

Once the taping was over, the actress made a quick sweep down by the audience and said "bye" and "thank you" to the crowd before heading off backstage, where she took photos with the show's crew and repeatedly told everyone "thank you."

Glad to have you back, LiLo! Lindsay takes over Chelsea Lately Monday, August 5 at 11:00pm only on E!

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