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The 7 Most Memorable Girl Groups Since '93

We remember the days when girl groups reigned Supreme (get it?). It wasn't uncommon to see three, four or five attractive, highly-styled, highly-choreographed singers dominate TV sets, award shows and music videos.

With the upcoming TLC biopic on everyone's mind and Danity Kane recently reuniting, VIBE remembers 7 5 great girl groups that killed the game. Get your fake mics and choreographed moves you’ve been practicing in the mirror since you were 12 ready.

Destiny’s Child

Notable Songs: “Say My Name,” “Independent Woman,” “Bootylicious”
Why They Were Dope: Style, grace and a lead singer destined for worldwide domination--Destiny’s Child captivated pop with take-no mess anthems like “Bills, Bills, Bills," setting trends with their chart-topping melodies. This foursome-turned-trio had the ladies (and some gentlemen) on lock. Whether you were pumping your fists to haters or shaking that jelly, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle lent a hand to either your workout, party or late night session. Anyone remember "T-Shirt"?

En Vogue
Notable Songs: “Hold On,” “”Free Your Mind,” “My Lovin”
Why They Were Dope: No other girl group could have enacted the classic scene in the movie Sparkle better than En Vogue in their video for “Giving Him Something He Can Feel.” A synchronized force, the Oakland-based ladies oozed sex appeal in their form-fitting dresses, laid hair and “beat-to-the gods” faces.

Notable Songs: “Waterfalls,” “Creep,” “No Scrubs”
Why They Were Dope: Fusing hip-hop, R&B and pop, TLC dominated the '90s with their versatile style. The ladies eventually evolved from baggy jeans to sexy pajamas and bandeau tops. One couldn’t help but wonder how they kept their girls hidden while doing the tootsie-roll in silk pajamas in their video for “Creep,” or what it would be like to be caught in a tantalizing waterfall with Chilli. As the ladies pushed the envelope for Crazy, Sexy, Cool, they were definitely not afraid to put men in their place.

Notable Songs: “Weak,” “I’m So Into You,” “Can We”
Why They Were Dope: Sisters With Voices will go down as a classic prototype for New Jack R&B. Twenty years later, even after they reunited for a new album, folks are still mesmerized by Coko’s piercing vocals on “Weak." With their asymmetrical cuts, bamboo earrings and oversized jackets, this trio still evokes '90s nostalgia.

Danity Kane
Notable Songs: “Damaged,” “Show Stopper,” “Ride For You”
Why They Were Dope: Although their TV breakup seemed premature, this quintet from all walks of life set the tone for aspiring reality TV wannabes. Aubrey O'Day's over-the-top antics mixed with Dawn Richard’s humble persona, Shannon's calm, Andrea's bubbly personality and D. Woods' songwriting captured the hearts of DK-hungry fans worldwide.

Two more at the source

favourite group?
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