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Madonna's BFF of 30+ years says Sean Penn was Madonna's True Love

Actress Debi Mazar dropped by the clubhouse on "Watch What Happens: Live" and Andy Cohen couldn't wait to ask her a few questions about her BFF, Madonna. The two have been friends since before either one of them had any sort of fame.

Cohen did limit himself to 45 seconds, but anyone who knows how fast he talks knows that he can still pump a lot of questions at her in that span of time. Through his grilling of Mazar he learned that Madge smells like gardenias, loves salted fish and is a feisty Leo. Mazar also said that "Sean" was Madonna's true love -- but when asked to clarify if she was referring to Sean Penn, she said only, "Maybe."

“Did Madonna ever steal any of your boyfriends?” Cohen asked her. Mazar said yes, but then backed up. She said that Madonna had tried to steal her boyfriend, but it didn't happen. She also revealed a strange Madonna-Bravo connection. Apparently, Madonna used to get "spiritual baths" and "blessings" from self-professed witch, Mama Elsa of "The Real Housewives of Miami."

Mazar and Madonna met in an elevator back in the '80s before Madonna became a superstar.

Mmm I'm sure these 2 had fun together
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