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'The Originals' EP Julie Plec reveals first episode to be re-told from Elijah's point of view

Though there are already two versions of the first episode of The CW's newest series, "The Originals," -- the backdoor pilot that aired in April as an episode of "The Vampire Diaries" and the extended cut released online -- get ready to see the story of the pilot re-told all over again. "The Vampire Diaries" spinoff's first installment is being re-shot from the point of view of Elijah (Daniel Gillies), executive producer Julie Plec and star Leah Pipes revealed.

"We're re-filming the pilot from Elijah's persepective. You get to see what was happening around what you already saw in the pilot which is really interesting," Pipes, who plays human psychology student Camille, told Zap2it. "That's going to be the first episode that airs. It's going to be the extended cut, from a new perspective. And then we jump about a month ahead in the next episode."

So why go through the trouble of re-shooting the entire first episode to tell the same story? Plec says it gave the writers the opportunity to show even more. "It's so cool because what it does is tells you everything that happened while we were off watching Klaus do his thing and meet up with Marcel and try to get to the bottom of his own mystery," Plec told Zap2it. "It's a story of a brother coming to town to try and figure out what happened and what's going on with his younger black sheep brother. So Elijah's playing detective a bit. We get to see flashes of scenes that existed in the pilot but more from Elijah's point of view."

Plec is excited for fans to see how the events of the pilot -- i.e. werewolf Hayley's (Phoebe Tonkin) pregnancy -- affect Elijah. "He believes when he learns of the pregnancy, 'Of course that it will be that easy for Klaus to jump on board,'" Plec said. "To watch Elijah declare how simple it will be to then watch Klaus reject the idea of the baby will be his powerful moment, as opposed to what was in the original pilot, which was Klaus' powerful moment."

So when will we get to see what happens after the events of the pilot? "By the last act, we're moving past that night and everything we see is new and really tees up the series beautifully," Plec said. "We actually are doing a bit of a time jump. In episode two, Rebekah [Claire Holt] shows up and she's been to Europe and she's done that whole thing so our timelines will sink up [with "TVD"]. That will offer us some crossover opportunities."

"The Originals" premieres Thursday, Oct. 3, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW with the pilot re-told from Elijah's point of view, but you can watch the extended cut version of the pilot here.

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