Justin Bieber insults concert goers intelligence as they pelt him with... iPhones

Justin Bieber Thinks We're as Dumb as Justin Bieber Is

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Hey, you know who's really annoying? Well, it's actually Justin Bieber. Just silly old Justin Bieber who doesn't think that the average person knows what the word "refrain" means, and not in the musical sense. See, Justin was performing earlier this week, and halfway through a song, he had to stop and ask people to "refrain" ("You know what that means, right? 'Refrain'?") from throwing all sorts of stuff up on the stage, because that's apparently a thing to do when you go to concerts -- to throw things like garbage and iPhones up on stage like it's no big deal.

Who really knows what's worse about this whole video: the fact that Justin Bieber thinks "refrain" is this big old intelligent word, or that people are seriously throwing smartphones up on stage. It's like, come on, kid. You're never gonna get that phone back (or that three hours of your life), you know?

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