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Yet another Doctor Who post: 8 Women Who Could Play The Doctor.

With a sad departure, Matt Smith, and his bowtie, is leaving the coveted role of the Doctor in Doctor Who at the end of the year and, as always, there are a number of rumors and opinions about who could be number twelve. Clearly, my opinion is most important. So, if gender was no option, who could be the next Doctor?

There have been eleven men behind the controls of the Tardis and, perhaps, a woman would be a well-needed break. Now, don’t get me wrong, the extremely talented male actors who have been mentioned over the last few months would all be welcomed to my Whovian bosom but, I admit, I would sell my kidney for a female Doctor. If the Doctor can change his appearance at each regeneration, I don’t see why there can’t be a pair of breasts thrown into the mix.
Following are the amazing women who could play the Doctor; the stipulation is that they are British and have not been in Doctor Who as another character already. I like to think that none of these vagina-bearers will need any man to help them. (Though, a male companion isn’t outside the realm of possibility; I mean, who didn’t love Rory?)

Ruth Wilson

 photo Ruth_Wilson_Portable-2.jpg

Ruth Wilson is glorious. That’s all you need to know, really, but I shall provide more proof if needed. Anyone interested in strong, multi-layered characters should see her performance in Luther, alongside the wondrous Idris Elba. From the onset, one realizes that this woman is more than can be understood on the surface. She continues, throughout the series, to portray a character as surprisingly likeable as she is fiendish. Personally, I couldn’t help but cheer and root for her, even when I shouldn’t have. She is ultimately wonderful and I, for one, would love to see her take on the part of the Doctor.

Helen Mirren

 photo Helen-Mirren-Portable-755x540.jpg

Dame Helen Mirren’s name has been tossed around since the announcement of Matt Smith’s departure (almost joking, ew). She has a long list of roles under her belt — Queen Elizabeth II being one of them — so one would expect that she could play yet another British icon, the Doctor. She is also handy around an action sequence if Red is anything to go by, and I’d kill for her to keep her hair pink for the part.

Parminder Nagra

 photo Parminder-Nagra-Portable-755x540.jpg

Parminder Nagra broke through in the surprisingly diverse and lovely teen comedy Bend It Like Beckham. Since then, she has starred in E.R. and Alcatraz, the latter a personal favorite but unfortunately short-lived. She is extremely likeable when necessary, but also comfortable being completely in control of any situation. She has a dramatic flair and an expressive face — her eyes stare straight into my soul — both of which help in the role of the Doctor. I could well believe that, like the Doctor, she is the most intelligent person in the room.

Gwendoline Christie

 photo gwendoline-christie-portable.jpg

What can I say of Gwendoline Christie? At 6’3″, she is as tall as she is striking. Her screen presence is immeasurable and she clearly has no problem with physicality, as has been shown by her portrayal of Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones. Her image can change at will and I think she’d look pretty frigging dapper in the part. (Basically, I really want to see her wear a suit, à la Matt Smith, because yowza!)

Naomie Harris

 photo Naomie-Harris-Portable.jpg

Goddess Naomie Harris is an actress who has shared the screen with such big Hollywood actors as Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig, yet her enigmatic performance still allowed her to split the audience’s attention from those heavyweights. She has, time and again, shown her ability to stretch a character beyond their limits, holding her own opposite indie darling, Cillian Murphy, in 28 Days Later. She could get the part for her jawline alone.

Source for the Full List

Who's your dream Doctor, ONTD?
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