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The HBIC Holy Trinity of Ageless Style Has Come to School All Your Lesser Basic Bitch Faves, ONTD

What do Helen Mirren, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton all have in common? Yes, all three are Academy Award-winning actresses whose talent stands the test of time. But they are also legendary fashion stars who have seamlessly developed mature, elegant personal styles over the course of decades in the spotlight.

Even today, these three actresses are still working the red carpet, and we've noticed that like a fine wine, Swinton, Blanchett and Mirren only get better with age. Here are 13 sartorial lessons we've gathered from these veteran style mavens that some younger celebrities could definitely use to take note of.

Even at an older age, you can successfully rock edgy styles. Just take a look at Mirren's hot pink hair, Swinton's mohawk and Blanchett's insane couture gown.

You can wear anything as long as you're confident. Blanchett manages to look cool in an intense all-red, tight sequined floor-length gown. Seriously, how did she pull this off?

You can wear florals no matter your age; just balance it out with a nice cardigan or jacket.

When attending outdoor events, you'll look best in airy and breathable fabrics like Swinton's light blue skirt and flowy blouse.

You still need to look good even when you're running errands. These three have the best street style. They keep it casual but always sophisticated and put-together.

More important fashion lessons from these HBICs at the ( SOURCE )

Bless the glorious and shining light of these beautiful, timeless, untouchable, and superior fashion kweens. You wish the basic bitch faves you stan for could ever look as good as the HBIC Holy Trinity, like lbr for a sec ONTD...

Shoutout to the amazing hysteric_23 for my fabulous new icon starring the latest addition to my harem of hottie sex husbands, Charlie Hunnam... Bless your superior taste, sis! <3

P.S. Mods, if you're reading this, please kindly reject the resubmitted ONTD Original post I made that is still currently pending on your moderation queue since yesterday. I went over through it again, and I feel it needs to be fine tuned even further so that it'll be easier for the others to understand if it gets approved. I'll send the better revision of my ONTD Original post later today during peak ONTD hours for approval. Thanks, Mods! <3
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