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Jessica Alba is a bully, honestly.

Jessica Alba's company "The Honest Company" goes after blogger mom "The Honest Toddler" over the trademark "Honest Toddler," a trademark Alba does not own.
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Bunmi Laditan started "The Honest Toddler" as a hilarious blog that gives parenting advice from the point of view of a toddler. She has amassed quite a following with 151,000 fans on Facebook and 255,000+ followers on Twitter. She released her book, "The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting," in May 7th of this year and the book was well recieved by readers and critics alike and made it onto Amazon's best seller list. So, what does this have to do with Jessica Alba?

Well, if we go by Alba's actions against Ms. Laditan, it has to do with infringment. (false).

In March 2012 "The Honest Company," founded by Jessica Alba, buys the domain name Buying a domain does not equal a trademark, and the domain does not go live for well over a year (it went live July 2013). The Honest Mom, Bunmi Laditan, launches her twitter, Honest Toddler, in May of 2012 without any knowledge of the domain or Jessica Alba's company and becomes a hit on the internet. September of 2012, The Honestly Company features The Honest Toddler on its blog, praising and highlighting her blog. Later that month, Laditan is offered a book deal and files a trademark for The Honest Toddler with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office. The Patent office finds that Laditan's trademark would not be confused with other brands and grants preliminary approval.

Two weeks later, "The Honest Company contacts Mom blogger Honest Toddler and offers to license her the use of the trademark (that they don't have rights to) for 365 days ONLY if she withdraws the trademark application.  After 365 days, Laditan would be required to stop using the name Honest Toddler in all forms, including on her blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, television series, and future books." After, The Honest Company "threatens to block the Honest Toddler trademark unless blogger mom Bunmi Laditan agrees to the license agreement that would limit her use of the mark to 1 year." In May "The Honest Company enters official Notice of Opposition against the application filed by blogger Bunmi Laditan for the trademark “Honest Toddler."

Laditan states that "this all began when I was about eight months pregnant and since then I have gained a beautiful child but lost two years worth of savings fighting this." She says she is saddened that The Honest Company has resorted to these threatening legal tactics against her and that "many companies use the term ‘honest’ and consumers are not confused. I am even more shocked that The Honest Company has resorted to misinforming its customers and betraying the public in an attempt to save face.  We are all moms trying to face parenthood honestly, just in different ways.”

The Honest Company has even gone as far as to interfere with Ms. Laditan's business deals. Darren Star  (producer of Sex & The City) optioned the rights to Honest Toddler for a potential TV show and The Honest Company’s attorneys send a letter to him and mis-informs Mr. Star that his intended use of the “Honest Toddler” constitutes trademark infringement. A false statement.

The pursuit of The Honest Toddler by Jessica Alba's company can only be called bullying because of the fact that The Honest Toddler isn't the only brand that uses the word "honest" in it. Those brands are not be threatened with legal action, nor is anyone confused between those brands and The Honest Company. There is a blog called "The Honest Mom," and there was a book published called "Honest Living," the same title as Jessica Alba's book. There is even a children's brand of juice called "Honest Kids," that, not only launched before The Honest Company, but is successful along side it. Many brands have the name "Honest" in them, but Jessica Alba's company has decided that Laditan is the one to attack.

In March 2013, was purchased by a third party, and the blogger mom said, "She does not care. There's room enough for all of us who are truly honest."

Only time will tell if Jessica Alba and her company stops their incessant bullying of Ms. Laditan. Until then, the blogger mom continues to be hilarious on her blog Ms. Laditan created The Honest Toddler and built the brand with her own hard work. Jessical Alba spending $15 on a domain one month prior to its launch does not give her the right to the name or the right to attack Ms. Laditan in this manner. Hopefully Ms. Alba takes some time to be an actual honest person, and not a person simply trying to brand herself as honest to turn a profit.

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Ugh. This is disgusting tbh. Like anyone is checking for Jesica Alba anyway. Girl, retract those claws. She doesn't even own it and just want to profit off someone else's hard work tbh. She didn't build the brand nor trademarked it, so sit, gurl. No one is coming for your "honest" empire.
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